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JoseJan 29,2018
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Wednesday Jun 1,2016

Happy Birthday Lilian
Row, PC, BJSigniture: DIANE

Row, PC, BJ

3 Rounds For Time
21 Calorie Row
15 Power Cleans 155/105  
                 Rx2: 115/75
                 Rx3: 75/55
9 Box Jumps 30/24
                 Rx2: 24/20
                 Rx3: Step-ups

0% 0%
1st13:27 2Brandi Wed,Jun 1,2016
2nd13:48 2Beth J Wed,Jun 1,2016
3rd14:29 2Josie Wed,Jun 1,2016
1st11:06 Jason W Wed,Jun 1,2016
2nd12:20 Ryan H Wed,Jun 1,2016
3rd13:45 Glen G Wed,Jun 1,2016

Randall B14:13 Rx
Kathy K15:50 Rx3
Glen G13:45 Rx
Mike G14:11 Rx
Brandi13:27 Rx2
Lance H11:58 Rx2 135 cln
Ellen12:43 Rx3 35#, 18 in. step ups
Jonell14:34  Lunges, step ups
Jeff W13:48 Rx3 Murph on Monday = Rx3 today. 24' BJ
Jim E17:52 Rx3
Jim L15:25 Rx3
Shannon15:47 Rx2
Suzanne15:42 Rx3 21calrow/65lbs/20bj
Sallie13:11  subbed run for row, 20bj, Murph=ouch so did 45lbs - at perimeter
Jason W11:06 Rx
Ashley P19:15 Rx2 1 rd rx, 2 rds 135 lbs
Janet15:30 Rx3 65# clean, still recovering
Ryan H12:20 Rx
Melissa S12:35 Rx3 #75 pc, 20 bsup
Brandon15:24 Rx2
Billy14:50 Rx
Morgan J17:10 Rx2 105# plus step ups
Lauren Y16:00 Rx3
Bobby S15:33 Rx
Terry15:41 Rx2 step ups
Rebekah E17:03 Rx3 2 row 1 400m run, 55 lbs, 2 rounds 12 box 1 round 20 box
Josie14:29 Rx2 subbed a run/1 rnd
Kathy N14:44 Rx3 rx2 but 20'stepup
Beth J13:48 Rx2 24 bj
Gabby Rob14:00 Rx3
Oscar13:07 Rx2 55# cleans. 30' BJ
Fabian10;32 Rx2
Brice19:00 Rx2 105
Cindy T12:43 Rx3 12 in box
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