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JoseJan 29,2018
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Tuesday Jun 7,2016

Happy Birthday Jeremy He
DU x 5 (unbroken)Girl: Helen

DU x 5 (unbroken)

For Time
5 Unbroken Rounds
Rx: 30 Double Unders
Rx2: 90 Single Unders
Mstrs: 30 Singles
Rx Elite: 50 DU's

Rest 90 sec between Rounds

*10 Burpees penalty to 6' target for every break in rep...paid on the spot. You may resume the round where you left off

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TodayAll Time

Joseph R9:35 Rx2 unbroken for all singles
Randall B11:22  3 rds DU, 2 Singles
John Neg12:34 Rx+ 100 unbroken each round..20 burpees
Ashley P18:48 Rx
Jeffrey11??  No Burprees
Katie BaRx2 20 burpees
Lou11:35 Rx2 10 burpees
Linda W14:39 Rx+ 50 DUs each round
Gene9:30 Rx+
Scott Shap7:41 Rx 0 burpees
Lauren Y9:48 Rx 20 burpees
Beth J11:26 Rx2
Kathy N12:24 Rx3 no jr, 90 burpees
Josie8:00 Rx3
Gabby Rob12:25 Rx2 50 burpees
Oscar10:45 Rx2 30 burpees
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