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JoseJan 29,2018
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Monday Jun 20,2016

Girl: FranMax: BS: 1RMOther Posted Results


Girl: Time-Rx3
  Thrusters 95/65
         Rx2: 65/45
         Rx3: 55/35
         Rx2: Band
         Rx3: Ring Rows

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Melissa S6:18 Rx3 46th 45# thrusters
Jyl6:28 Rx
Aprele8 11 Rx3 45th
Randall B9:53 Rx 60th
Jamie P9:27  98th Rx Thrusters - Ring Rows
Silver-Leigh8:52 Rx2 37th #45
Wanda8:38  15# bar, ring rows
Jonell7:10  69th 10# ring rows
Ellen9:00 Rx2 38th
Jerry R10:18 Rx3 84th ring rows
Lance H10:36 Rx 67th
Jim L10:24 Rx3 85th pull uups
Sandra O7:16 Rx3 47th rx2 pull ups
Bryan R8:18 Rx 50th
Sallie7:39 Rx2 banded strict - at perimeter - shoulder
Scott Shap4:42 Rx 35 minute recovery= not worth it
Christine H11:17 Rx
Billy7:13 Rx
Levi9:15 Rx 56th
Jeff R3:21 Rx 5th
Kathy N11:09 Rx3 65# thruster, ringrows
Bobby S7:10 Rx
Janet9:34 Rx2 55#thruster and pull-ups, hurt back
Beth J13:50 Rx 31st
Ryan H7:52 Rx 44th
Results Posted: 25