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JoseJan 29,2018
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Thursday Jul 7,2016

Anniversary rebecca-1 & James R-1 & Matthew R-1
Tina C
Welcome Tina C & monet & Sharie
Strength: Split Jerks 5 x 3Team: Team2: BP, Row

Split Jerks 5 x 3

Strength: Weight

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Sharie35 Rx worked on form
Randall B165 Rx
Scott Shap195 Rx
Glen G165 Rx
Jamie P135 Rx
Lance H165 Rx
Billy205 Rx
Kathy K45 Rx
John Neg230 Rx
Alex Ga185 Rx
Alexandra S115 Rx
Josie95 Rx w/tina
Tina C95 Rx w/josie
Rebekah E65 lbs Rx Matt
Christopher125 Rx
Jenny D45# Rx
Gabby Rob70# Rx
Oscar95# Rx
Brice115 Rx
Tommy P155 Rx
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