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Tuesday Jan 24,2017

Happy Birthday Cary
Gymversary Tommy P-5
Strength: HS: 5 x 34 x Amrap1: Row, SS, Burp

HS: 5 x 3

Strength: Weight
5 Rounds
3 Unbroken Hang Snatch
-Rest 2:00 Between Rounds

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Josh W125 Rx
Joseph R95 Rx
Jyl95 Rx
Johnny85 Rx
Brittney Jo65 Rx
Shadia65 Rx
Chris K65 Rx
Gene165 Rx 185 for 1
Levi135 Rx
Bobby S115 Rx
Jason W135 Rx
Mimi85 Rx
Izzy55 Rx
Randall B115 Rx 2 reps @ #135
Alexis75 Rx 1 at 80
Oscar75 Rx
Gabby Rob60 Rx
Mike G135 Rx
Josie75 Rx
Rebekah E65 Rx
Christine H105 Rx
Erin W80 Rx
Blake M85 Rx Only got 3 rounds in due to time and it was 5x5 at Etowah
Buster155 Rx
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