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Wednesday Apr 5,2017

Amrap7: Burp, PistolsMax: Snatch 1RM

Amrap7: Burp, Pistols

7 min Amrap
  30 Bupees
  50 Alternating Pistols
       Rx2: Box Pistols

*Score is total number of Reps
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1st80 Beth J Wed,Apr 5,2017
2nd76 Suzanne Wed,Apr 5,2017
3rd123 2Megan W Wed,Apr 5,2017
1st61 John New Wed,Apr 5,2017
2nd112 2Jason P Wed,Apr 5,2017
Brice Wed,Apr 5,2017
3rd110 2Gene Wed,Apr 5,2017
Willie Wed,Apr 5,2017
Shane H Wed,Apr 5,2017

Julie N80  body squat
Chris K80  air squats
Johnny70 Rx2 20in box
Jyl173  reg squats back
Christine H95 Rx2 18 in box
Jim E89 Rx2
Brooke H92 Rx2 18 in box
Ellen84 Rx2 12in. box + 25 plate= 14in?
Eric M91 Rx2
Brice112 Rx2 18 in box
Shane H110 Rx2 15 in
John New61 Rx
Linda W103 Rx2 12'' box
Gene110 Rx2 20' box
Tommy P100 Rx2 18 in box
Morgan J81 Rx2 18inch box
Randall B90 Rx2 18' box
Michael S92 Rx2 18 inch box
Alexis67 Rx2 12' box w/45 & 15 plate
Jason P112 Rx2 box pistols
Suzanne76 Rx
Beth J80 Rx
Megan W123 Rx2 12' box
Willie110 Rx2 145#BS
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