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Tuesday Apr 11,2017

Welcome Julie Sm
Bring Sally UpMax: BP: 1RM

Bring Sally Up

Starting at the bottom of a Back Squat
Squat up each Bring Sally Up
    Rx: 135/95  
    Rx2: 95/65
    Rx3: 45/25

*30 Reps is total

0% 0%
1st29 Alexandra S Tue,Apr 11,2017
2nd24 Morgan J Tue,Apr 11,2017
3rd20 Julie N Tue,Apr 11,2017
1st30 Gene Tue,Apr 11,2017
2nd27 Jeremy He Tue,Apr 11,2017
3rd26 Brice Tue,Apr 11,2017

Chris K15 Rx2
Julie N20 Rx
Julie Sm15 Rx3
Scott Shap24 Rx #gotlightheaded
Brice26 Rx
Brittney Jodid not finish all Rx3
Willie20 Rx
Sallie24  45#-at perim.
Jyl30  Just the bar (back))
Katie Ba25 Rx3
Megan30 Rx3
Gene30 Rx
Randall B14 Rx knee, back, head :(
Alexandra S29 Rx
Josie27 Rx3 old/25
Maggie23 Rx3 bailed on RX2 weight on last 5
Morgan J24 Rx
Brooke H28 Rx2
Jeremy He27 Rx
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Jeff R 9:38pm