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JoseJan 29,2018
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Friday Jun 2,2017

Happy Birthday Kristi W
Anniversary Alexandra S-1


Signiture: Time-Rx3
For Time
21-15-9 reps of
Deadlifts 225/155
     Rx2: 155/95
     Rx3: 95/65
Handstand Push-Ups      
     Rx2: 1 plate + 1 abmat
     Rx3: Flash Push-ups

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Jackie6:35 Rx3 44th
Lourdes6:21 Rx3
Andrea A6:50 Rx3 45th
Chris K4:55 Rx2 51st
Brittney Jo12:28 Rx2 38th 115lb/plate &abmat hspu
Erin W17:58 Rx 23rd
Corey S9:32 Rx2 59th HSPU w/ plate & mat
Glen G8:32 Rx
Jeff W5:19  sit-ups (shoulder issue), 155# DL
Brice12:12 Rx 42nd
Ellen12:43 Rx2 115#, plate/w mat
Eric M6:07 Rx2 54th
NaimaRx2 24th
Dalia9:20 Rx3 47th
Khalil8:50 Rx3 72nd
Sallie7:05 Rx2 115#dl-at perim
Maggie8:26  Flash PU 135# DL
Wes10:57 Rx2 64th
Billy9:43 Rx
Courey8:50 Rx2 56th 45 plate + mate
Suzanne12:02 rx hspu 125lbs dl Rx2
Chelsea14:33 Rx2 40th Hand Stands
Morgan J12:46 Rx3 48th 155#, some HSPU w/ 45&25# plates and some flash pushups
Gabby Rob6:46 Rx2 29th
Oscar10:05 Rx2 62nd 165#
Christine H17:05 Rx 22nd *eye roll* ugh
Cody G5:20 Rx2 52nd rx hspu
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Jeff R 8:49pm