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Monday Jul 17,2017

Happy Birthday Aaron W
Back Squats @ 40x1Ladder8: TTB, TH

Back Squats @ 40x1

5 Rounds
5 Back Squats  
Tempo 40x1
(4 sec Down, 0sec at bottom, 0sec up, 1sec at the top)
*have a partner count your 4 count for you

0% 0%
1st185 Jessica J Mon,Jul 17,2017
Linda W Mon,Jul 17,2017
2nd180 Morgan J Mon,Jul 17,2017
3rd175 Jyl Mon,Jul 17,2017
1st275 Gene Mon,Jul 17,2017
2nd225 Brice Mon,Jul 17,2017
John Neg Mon,Jul 17,2017
Scott L Mon,Jul 17,2017
3rd205 Scott Shap Mon,Jul 17,2017
Courey Mon,Jul 17,2017
Glen G Mon,Jul 17,2017

Julie Sm95 Rx
Cody G155 Rx
Scott Shap205 Rx
Erin W145 Rx
Jyl175 Rx
Brittney Jo115 Rx
Sallie100 Rx
Eric M155 Rx
Mike G185 Rx
Khalil35 Rx
Dalia50 Rx
Naima125lbs Rx
Gene275 Rx
Katie Ba105 Rx
Morgan J180 Rx
Tommy P165 Rx
Linda W185 Rx
Glen G205 Rx
Scott L225 Rx
Jessica J185 Rx
Courey205 Rx
John Neg225 Rx
Josie75# Rx
Brice225 Rx
Suzanne90 Rx
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Blake M 5:50am

Blake M 5:50am

Blake M 5:51am
Face UP Chinese plank  
Points of Performance:  
Shoulders and feet on Bench/box  
Pelvic tilt/squeeze glutes  
Tight core  
Arms along sides at hips

Blake M 5:51am
Face DOWN Chinese plank  
Shoulders on box/ top of feet on box  
Head in neutral position  
Pelvic tilt/squeeze gluets  
Core tight  
Arms along sides at hips