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JoseJan 29,2018
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Saturday Jan 6,2018

Anniversary Buster-6


Girl: Time-Rx3
  Thrusters 95/65
         Rx2: 65/45
         Rx3: 55/35
         Rx2: Band
         Rx3: Ring Rows

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Ellen4:57 Rx3
Lourdes5:30 Rx2 35th
Scott Shap4:22 Rx 11th
Roger R2:48 Rx 2nd
Glen G3:58 Rx 9th
Christine H10:09 Rx 21st
Mike G7:47 Rx
Maggie9:37 Rx shoulder is getting better!
Kari M8:00 Rx 14th
Makayla10:35 Rx 22nd
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