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Monday Jan 29,2018

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10RFT: BMU, DLBaseline


10 Rounds
3 Bar Muscle Ups
     Rx2: 6 Chest 2 Bar
     Rx3: 6 Jumping C2B
5 Deadlfts 275/185
     Rx2: BodyWeight
     Rx3: 115/75

Rest 1:00 Between Rounds

0% 0%
1st14:31 2Lourdes Mon,Jan 29,2018
2nd18:31 2Sandra O Mon,Jan 29,2018
3rd23:54 2Ellen Mon,Jan 29,2018
1st19:56 Jose Mon,Jan 29,2018
2nd12:51 2Alex Ga Mon,Jan 29,2018
3rd14:10 2Chris K Mon,Jan 29,2018

Lourdes14:31 Rx2 DL 125, jumping bar MU’s
Trent15:36 Rx2 bar mu's, 205 dl
Chris K14:10 Rx2 205DL
Scott Shap15:11 Rx2 Bar MU w/ 225# DL
Jose19:56 Rx
Mike G22:15 Rx2 275#
Maggie21:48  165# DL; banded muscleups
Lance H20:33  275 dl pullups
Jonell18:45  60#, jumping chest to bar
Jim E19:46 Rx2 jumping bar MU, 175 DL, 20lbs over body wt.
Jim L19:00 Rx2 6 bar mu
Jeff W20:08  3 band MU (small green, small purple, small black), body weight (175#) DL. Rx2??
Sandra O18:31 Rx2 body weight dl, jumping mu
John Ri24:55 Rx2
Sallie11:29 Rx3 BW dl's-at perim
Eric M18:20 Rx3 bar mu jumping, dl 185
Alex Ga12:51 Rx2
Buster17:05 Rx2 275 DL
Ellen23:54 Rx2 145 then body weight 125# jumping mu
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