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Friday Jan 11,2019

FGB: WB, SN, Burp, DU, BJBench Press Heavy Single

FGB: WB, SN, Burp, DU, BJ

A. 30 Calorie Row
B. 4 ft Walk Throughs
C. 2 Rounds
    5 Goblet Squats  
      (3 sec pause at bottom)
    15 Reverse Flys

8:00 Build up
Establish Bench Press Weight

For Time
7 Rounds
5 Bench Press  
   (75% of 1 Heavy Single rep)
7 Double KB Thrusters 35's/26's
   Rx2: 26's/18's
   Rx3: Dumbbells
15 Calorie Row

Rest 2:00 Between Rounds

0% 0%
1st26:34 Erin W Fri,Jan 11,2019
2nd26:45 Kari D Fri,Jan 11,2019
3rd27:02 Lourdes Fri,Jan 11,2019
1st20:40 Scott L Fri,Jan 11,2019
2nd22:12 Glen G Fri,Jan 11,2019
3rd22:39 Robert D Fri,Jan 11,2019

Robert D22:39 Rx 155#bp
Chris K25:21 Rx 135#BP
Scott L20:40 Rx 185# BP
Erin W26:34 Rx 75# BP
Glen G22:12 Rx 175# BP
Michael M24:23 Rx
James S26:18 Rx2 120#
Jeff W24:49 Rx2 115# BP
Ellen26:54 Rx2 45#
Jim E29:05 Rx2
Kari D26:45 Rx
Lourdes27:02 Rx 65# BP
Tommy P23:55 Rx 135#
Billy24:49 Rx
Buster23:42 Rx 185# BP
Steven P25:30 Rx 185 BP
John New16:47  135# with 95# push press
Maggie T22:02 Rx2 65# bench
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