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Saturday, Jun 24, 2017


Complex: PP, PJ, SJ

Complex: Weight
5 Rounds of the following Complex:
   1 Push Press
   1 Push Jerk
   1 Split Jerk

*Perform each Rounds unbroken

Chosen as WOD: Sat,Jun 24,2017 Tue,Sep 27,2016 Mon,Jan 4,2016
1st135 Linda W Mon,Jan 4,2016
Jessica J Tue,Sep 27,2016
2nd125 Christine H Tue,Sep 27,2016
Lauren S Tue,Sep 27,2016
3rd120 Blake M Tue,Sep 27,2016
1st235 Jeremy He Tue,Sep 27,2016
2nd215 Billy Tue,Sep 27,2016
3rd205 John New Tue,May 3,2016
Mike G Today!
Brice Today!
Jason W Tue,Sep 27,2016

Mike G205 Rx
Sallie85 Rx
Brice205 Rx
Cody G140 Rx 145 for 2
Dalia35 Rx
Randall B185 Rx
Bryan R165 Rx
Janet75 Rx
Khalil35 Rx
Results Posted: 9