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Friday Feb 22,2019

Happy Birthday Andraya
Kyle W

CrossFit Open 19.1

A- 2:00 Split Stretch
    1:30 Frog Stretch
B- 25 Calorie Row
        (1st 5 Cals NO knee bend)2:00 Couch Stretch
C- 2 Rounds
    15 Banded Squat Abductions  
    5 Goblet Squats
        (5 sec Hold at Bottom)

3 - 5 Round Build  
5 Knag Squats  
7 Bent Over Barbell Rows

15:00 Amrap
19 Wall Balls 20/14
     Masters 55+: 14/10 to 9 ft target
19 Calorie Row

Score = Reps + Calories

0% 0%
1st199 2Ellen Today!
2nd182Megan J Today!
1st221 Scott Shap Today!
2nd220 Kyle W Today!
3rd215 Scott L Today!

Chris K176 Rx2
Scott L215 Rx
James S211  14# WB
Jeff W209 Rx 20#WB
Kyle W220 Rx BEAST MODE!!
Ellen199 Rx2 HAPPY 14TH. B-DAY M AND A
Jim L190 Rx2 MASTERS
Megan J182  RX
Scott Shap221 Rx
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