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Wednesday Feb 20,2019

FT: Curtis P, HSPU

A- Seated Wrist Stretches
    Lizard Stretch with Sky Reach
B- 2 Rounds
    10 Pistols
          Rx2: Squats
     5 Weighted Thoracic Extensions
     15 sec Handstand Hold
          Rx2: Wall Walk Hold
C- 5 BR Turn Overs
    1 Crutis P  

8:00 Build-up
Heavy Curtis P
(Power Clean + 2 Lunges + Push Jerk)
*Recover Lunge like a Split Jerk

WODFor Time
21 - 15 - 9  
Crutis P's 95/65
     Rx2: 75/45
     Rx3: 55/35
Handstand Push-ups
     Rx2: Plate + Mat
     R3: DB Press

0% 0%
1st22:17 Lourdes Wed,Feb 20,2019
2nd22:50 Brittany Sm Wed,Feb 20,2019
3rd19:40, 45# CURTIS P, DB PRESS 2Karean Wed,Feb 20,2019
1st17:18 Gabriel Wed,Feb 20,2019
2nd19:38 2Andrew Wed,Feb 20,2019
3rd20:19 2Kyle W Wed,Feb 20,2019

Karean19:40, 45# CURTIS P, DB PRESS Rx2
Lourdes22:17 Rx
Robert D25:00 Rx2 95# CURTIS... PLATE AND MAT HSPU
Chris K23:27 Rx3 75# Curtis P's
James S20:45 Rx2 ab mat HSP
Kyle W20:19 Rx2 HSPU w/ 24' box
Ellen21:30 Rx2
Shawn Lu22:50 Rx3 Box Push-ups 75# CPs
Mercedes23:42 Rx2 65#
Andrew19:38 Rx2
Steven P21:42 Rx2
Kristen p21:20 Rx3
Gabriel17:18 Rx
Brittany Sm22:50 Rx
Sallie20:21 Rx2 55#,rx hspu-at home
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