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Thursday Feb 22,2018

Happy Birthday Andraya
Gymversary Zoe-2 & Sandra O-2

E2MOM20: Goat + Run, DU

Fundamentals: Time-Rx2
5 Rounds
2:00 to complete
    200 m Run + Goat #1
2:00 to complete  
     5 Back Squats + Goat #2
        Athlete chooses weight

*CrossFit Definition of Goat: Movement you are not proficient with. Examples...
Gymnastics         Weight            Cardio
Muscle-ups       Ovh Squat        Running
HSPU               Squat Clean      Double-Unders
Ring Dips         Squat Snatch    Rowing

Score = Time of 3rd 200 m Run
*Post Goats to comments

0% 0%
1st:58 Mercedes Thu,Feb 22,2018
1st:29 Jordan Thu,Feb 22,2018
2nd0:37 Chris K Thu,Feb 22,2018
3rd0:40 Miguel Thu,Feb 22,2018

Chris K0:37 Rx overhead squats & DU
Bryan R28:45 Rx 1 mile run, 20 hspu, 800m run,1000meter row, 400m run, 500m row
Mercedes:58 Rx
Mike G:46 Rx
Jordan:29 Rx overhead squat my favorite
Glen G:48 Rx Goats: push up and double unders
Rob X1:05 Rx2 pvc ovhsquat
Buster:41 Rx
Miguel0:40 Rx Double unders and pull ups
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