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Thursday Jan 15,2015

Happy Birthday Alan T

CrossFit Open 12.3

Open WOD: Reps-Rx3
18:00 Amrap
15 Box Jumps 24/20
     Rx2: 20/18
     Rx3: Step-ups
12 Push press 115/75      
     Rx2: 75/55
     Rx3: 55/35
9 Toes-to-bar            
     Rx2: Knee-ups
     Rx3: Sit-ups

Score is total number of reps completed.

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Willie193 Rx
Nate214 Rx2
Christine L220 Rx2 65lb push press
Christine H129 Rx ouch my hands!!
Bobby K102 Rx2
Shane D246 Rx2 24'BJ 95#PP
Jyl288  12 V ups instead of T2B
Ingrid235 Rx2
Jamie S149 Rx
Bryan R185 Rx
Sallie207 Rx2 20' box - at perimeter
Julie Se236 Rx
Janet197 Rx2 55# pp
Marissa207  25# weighted back extensions, 45# pp, knees to chest
Melissa S228  bxsu, #55, k2e
Tommy P191 Rx
Katie Ba171 Rx2 20 bj, k2e
Bobby S213 Rx2
Linda W246 Rx 78#pp; 24'' box
Aaron F298 Rx
Aleyda221  45lbs knees to chest
Jeffrey222  75 lb pushpress 20 in box jumps KNE
Beth J165 Rx2 20 bj, 55 pp, t2b
Marlene237  Step ups rest Rx2
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