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Wednesday Jul 15,2015

Happy Birthday Charles D

The Admiral

AWL,Comp,Metcon,Perf: Time
3 RFT:  
     20 GI Janes (burpee pull ups)  
     20 Front Squats, 155/105  
     20 Box Jumps, 24/20″ - games standards

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1st25:10 Ingrid Wed,Jul 15,2015
2nd28:23 Brittany Su Wed,Jul 15,2015
3rd28:50 Jyl Wed,Jul 15,2015
1st19:59 John Neg Wed,Jul 15,2015
2nd27:45 Buster Wed,Jul 15,2015
3rd28:55 Jason C Wed,Jul 15,2015

Willie26:50  95#FS
Melissa S25:13  ju gij, 45#, 18' su
Shadia27:49  45#; step up
Scott Shap23:25  135# FS
Amanda Sta29:14  #65; GI JANES; 20IN BOX JUMPS
Levi35:00  2 ROUNDS/ 20 GI JANES
Jyl28:50 Rx
Jason C28:55 Rx
Glen G22:54  135#FS
Bill M32:03  115#FS
Randall B33:13  95# FS
Jerry R10:00  masters ..burpees; 45#FS; step up
Beth Lwas here & did awesome :)  band stretches; step ups; squat w/5#
Susan J19:50  15-15-15 3x, 45# to box
Tony21:30  masters ..jumping pull ups; 65#FS; step ups
Jim L21:47  masters ..squat jumping pull ups; 65#FS; 20''step ups
Ellen25:33  masters
Wanda19:45  masters ..15-15-15 3x, 45# to box
Lance H24:25  masters ..2 rnds rx 2 w/ gi Janes
Jeff W28:08  masters ..15reps per round; GI Janes; 80#FS; 20'' box jumps
Mike G29:37  135# FS; all else RX
Aleyda19:13  masters 45#
Jamie S27:20  RX ..15/15/15 x3
Jessica Go29:53  RX ..215/15/15/ x3
Devan33:20 Rx
Brittany W31:23  65#
Ingrid25:10 Rx
Lacey30:22  rx2 65#, 18 in box jumps, jumping gi janes
Bobby S23:46  135 fs
Terry27:06  95#, step ups, jumping burpees
Jakob25:30  135#FS, Rx for rest of WOD
Kathy N28:32  55# fs, 18' boxjump, jumping gij
Beth J27:13  75#, 20 bj, gi jane
Buster27:45 Rx
Brittany Su28:23 Rx
John Neg19:59 Rx
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