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Friday Apr 10,2015

Girl: CHELSEAComp: Comp 4.10.15


Girl: Reps
On the minute, every minute for 30 minutes:
  5 Pull-Ups
  10 Push-Ups
  15 Bodyweight Squats

If you can't do 5/10/15, scale to 4/8/12, then 3/6/9, and maybe 2/4/6 if you need to. Whatever you do, find something that will take you 35-40 seconds/round so that you get some rest each round. Try to keep that scaling thru the remaining workout.  

Please post the number of reps completed.  Please note any modifications in the ''Why not Rx'' section.

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TodayAll Time

Stephanie C524  3jumping pu,6FPU,9BWS
Paul Br524  3, 6, 9 - Jumping P/Us
Christine H560  3, 6, 9
Alexis506  3,6,9
Randall B560  3,6,9
Jyl600 Rx
Levi506  3,6,9
Brittany Su660  Jumping pull ups. 4/8/12 with few 3/6/9
Maggie720 Rx curses to the pushups!
Bobby K504  3,6,9
Glen G810 Rx First 300 reps with 20# vest
Shadia490  beginner
Aprele324  3/6/9 E2MOM (18 rnds)
Jessica J360  3/6/9 E2MOM (20 rnds)
Ingrid896 Rx
Mike G734 Rx
Scott Shap900 Rx
Ryan M600 Rx
Jerry R306  3/6/9 ...18rnds
Wanda342  3/6/9 ...19rnds
Jonell360  3/6/9 ...19rnds
Jeff W528  4/8/12 ...22rnds-jumping p/u
Ellen616  4/6/12 ...28rnds
Jim E600 Rx 4/8/12 ...25rnds
Katie Ba450 Rx 3/6/9
Jamie C456 Rx
Bryan R606 Rx
Jamie S366 Rx
Tommy P636 Rx
Buster870 Rx
Stan636  jumping pull ups
Christopher594  Jumping pull ups
Ruthie378  Jumping pull ups
Ashley P612 Rx
Lacey552  Jumping pull ups
Jason Du528  Jumping pull ups
Adrien516  some jumping pull ups
Marissa534  pups not above bar and 3 rounds of jumping pups-ripped hands
Tracy R468  pups not above bar and some rounds of jumping pups-ripped hands
Ariel594  Jumping pull ups
Bobby S582 Rx meh
Jeffrey592  begginer
Sharon B720 Rx beginner
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