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Wednesday Apr 8,2015

Happy Birthday Frank N


Girl: Time-Rx3
5 Rounds for Time:
400 m Run
15 Overhead Squats  

Rx2: 65/45  
Mstrs: 35/15

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Shadia20:33  25 pounds first 4 sets, 45 pound last one
Stephanie C24:24 Rx2
Christine H21:15 Rx
Maggie21:25 Rx
Randall B25:50 Rx2
Alexis22:04  35#
Bobby K35:30 Rx
Aprele14:48  200m; OHS w/pvc pipe on rack & bw squats
Ingrid15:40 Rx
Ellen16:27  25#OHS
Jeff W15:58  15#OHS to 14''box
Jim L19:21  15# bar bell
Wanda20:52  450m row; 15# & pvc pipe to box
Pat24:07  15#OHS to 20''box
Jerry R25:03  35#OHS
Chris O28:36 Rx2
John Neg14:10 Rx
Brittany Su16:30 Rx2
Marissa17:31  35# ovhs
Willie22:45 Rx2 95#FS
Christopher16:19 -45lbs  3rds-right knee :(
Ruthie22:35 Rx2 sub rowing, pcv pipe
Candy24:21 Rx
Melissa S20:08 Rx
Katie Ba22:07  35#
Adrien20:45 Rx2
Devan24:11 Rx
Jamie C25:13 Rx2
Jeffrey17:30  masters weight
Josie21.31  11 lb ovhs
Kathy N20:57  35# ovhs
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