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Tuesday Jan 13,2015

Gymversary Billy-3
Deadlifts, BWSquats, Sit UpsOther Posted Results

Deadlifts, BWSquats, Sit Ups

1. Tabata Mash-up of:
Hollow Rock holds and Push-up Plank.
This is a 8-minute set. Hold the hollow hold for :20, rest for :10, then hold the top of a push up for :20, and rest for :10. This is one round. Complete 8 rounds total.

2. 5 Rounds for Time
    10 Deadlifts 275/165  Rx2: 225/135  
    20 Bodyweight Squats
    30 Situps

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Aaron F11:43 Rx2
Christine H17:00  115#
Jyl11:55 Rx
Christine L11:55  sub weighted back extensions for DL
Mike G17:37 Rx
Julie Se13:50 Rx
Jamie S23:19 Rx
Aleyda17:30  95lbs
Cindy H17:45  95lb deadlift
Katie Ba14:40  115#
Jessica Go16:50  115#
Jamie C14:56 Rx
Mariah14:29  115 lb dl
Robert S16:10 Rx2 225 dl
Shane D17:29  205#
Marlene13:13 Rx2
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