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Monday Oct 19,2015

Happy Birthday Brittany Sm
Open WOD: Open 12.1Girl: Helen

Open 12.1

Open WOD: Reps
AMRAP Seven Minutes of:
Burpees to a 6' Target

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Christine H51 Rx
Randall B54 Rx
Jyl93 Rx
Mike G96 Rx
Brittany W86 Rx
Ingrid91 Rx
Susan J26 Rx
Stan35 Rx
Lance H50 Rx
Ellen13:46  RX Ellen 18 and 26kb banded pu
John Neg123 Rx
Jim E39 Rx
Brittany Su71 Rx
Bryan R69 Rx
Jeff W50 Rx
Erick70 Rx
Sallie67 Rx
Daniel Ha68 Rx
Lauren S65 Rx
Linda W81 Rx
John New81 Rx
Jessica J46 Rx
Jeff R104 Rx
Bobby S74 Rx
Josie35  hate love burpees
Lacey57 Rx
Jeffrey59  banded pullups 53 #kB 20:00 ?
Kathy N67 Rx
Beth J70 Rx
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