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Tuesday Jun 23,2015

Girl: KELLYMasters: Active Recovery 6.23.15


Girl: Time-Rx3
5 Round For Time
     Rx3: 3 Rounds                              
400m Run
30 Wall Balls 20/14  
     Rx2: 14/10
30 Box Jumps 24/20  
     Rx2: 20/18    
     Rx3: Step-ups  

Please post your time as MM:SS.  Note any modifications in the ''Why not Rx'' section.

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Glen G32:09 Rx
Randall B39:07 Rx
John Neg24:54 Rx
Jyl33:42 Rx
Bill M38:31 Rx
Shane D37:37  Last 2 rnds 450m row
Christine H44:38 Rx
Janet43:02 Rx hot!
Payton25:00  3 rounds only (over heating, dehydrated)
Hannah H33:30 Rx
Jamie S32:12  200m runs
Bryan R40:52 Rx
Shadia42:50  10#wb, step ups
Tracy R45:00  DNF
Marissa42:57  20 in step ups
Willie41:50  step ups
Daniel Ha41:26  14# WB
Mimi41:50 Rx
ShannonDNF  4 rounds-over heated
Ingrid33:33 Rx 16#wb
Jessica Go41:58  step ups, 14# wb
Scott Shap33:09 Rx Punishment for vacation and eating like @#$%
Lou43:18  500 meter rows
Tommy P40:32  Row
Bobby S38:40  3/500m row, 2/400m runs
Jakob37:15 Rx OUCH!!!
Josie32:50  14# medball 20in bj 5 rft mstrs
Jeffrey43:49  step ups /16 lb wb
Kathy N41:25  rx but step-ups
Lacey44:00  Step ups 14# wb
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