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JoseJan 29,2018
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Thursday Apr 24,2014

Anniversary Wanda-1
Partner DU, SDHP, WBPERF 4.24.14Comp: COMP 4.24.14Comp: Alternate COMP 4.24.14Stadium Run Other Posted Results

Partner DU, SDHP, WB

  3 Rounds
    100 Double-Unders
    40 Sumo Deadlift High Pull  (75/45)
    40 Wall Balls  (20/14)

2 Person team, one person working at a time.

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TodayAll Time

Debbi20:28  10# wall ball 45# SDLHP
Glen G26:06 Rx All reps by myself...
Jamie S24:06 Rx w/Bryan R.
Bryan R24:06 Rx w/Jamie S.
Mike G23:39 Rx solo 1/2 the reps, working on DUs
Marissa19:42  with tracy, singles
Tracy R19:42  with marissa, some dus, mostly singles
Melissa S21:16  w/will, singles
Andrea O26:12 Rx best partner ever SHARON:)
William B21:16  w/ Melissa S carrying me through it and singles
Sharon G26:12 Rx With Andrea carrying me! Love her!! +Stadium run, which was awful but I finished!
Kyle N13:40 Rx With Buster
Julie Se17:32 Rx w Makenxie
Makenzie17:32 Rx w Mommie
Shannon16:50 Rx w Shane
Shane D16:50 Rx w Shannon
Tom T18:10 Rx w kaitlin
Kaci10:22 Rx 20# wb, Amanda partna! Stadium run 9:18
Nathan J16:04 Rx with Jenn
Amanda A10:22 Rx 20# wb, kaci partna! Stadium run 8:55
Kaitlin18:09 Rx W Tom T:)
Jenn16:04 Rx 20 lb wb w/Nathan J... :) 9:14 stadium run
Marlene17:28  Singles, 14 lb wb w/Kathy
Brooke T29:12 Rx 3 Person Team
Kathy N29:12  3 Person Team
Katie H29:12  3 Person Team some du/s
Buster13:40 Rx w my Hero Kyle N
Results Posted: 27