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Monday Jun 30,2014

3, 2, 1 - For Time!!Perf: PERF 6.30.14Other Posted Results

3, 2, 1 - For Time!!

3 Rounds For Time
  400m Run
  12 Burpees  
  20 Sit-Ups

Rest 2 Minutes, then

2 Rounds For Time
  45 Double-Unders
  10 Toes To Bar
  20 Wall Balls  (20/14)

Rest 2 Minutes, then

1 Round For Time
  100 Flutter Kicks
  90 Second Plank Hold
  40 Bodyweight Squats

Score is total elapsed time INCLUDING the rest.

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1st21:34 Brooke T Mon,Jun 30,2014
2nd24:52 Mariah Mon,Jun 30,2014
3rd27:45 Kaitlin Mon,Jun 30,2014
1st19:25 Nathaniel Mon,Jun 30,2014
2nd22:09 Glen G Mon,Jun 30,2014
3rd22:58 Bryan B Mon,Jun 30,2014

Nate23:53  singles
Debbi28:59 Rx
Paul Br34:20  Singles instead of doubles
Glen G22:09 Rx 30# WB
Christine L22:58  Single Unders
Beth L21:35  Masters
Becky26:06  masters
Kristi B25:10  masters
Pat29:40  Masters
Jonell26:34  Masters
Wanda26:16  masters 300 m row
Jerry R28:20  masters 4 singles; 14 knee ups
Bryan R27:32 Rx
Janet28:37  singles
Jamie S47:14  knee ups
John New23:33 Rx
Denise28:16  Rx2
Willie32:12  single
John P32:20  singles
Julie Se28:50  Rx2, DU attempts all else RX
Tammie29:16  Rx2; singles
Brooke T21:34 Rx
Nathaniel19:25 Rx
Bobby S23:30 Rx
Mariah24:52 Rx 16lb WB
Nicole P25:57  singles
Melissa S31:34  RX2, 14# wb
Bryan B22:58 Rx 30 lb wall balls
Shannon37:21  rx except T2B-
Kaitlin27:45 Rx NEED to get back in routine...
Robert S29:00 Rx
Mark H28:20 Rx
Kathy N35:02  Rx2 singles, knee raises, 14lb wb
Leslie25:36  Rx2 singles
Kaci25:41  Broke plank, 16# wb, did 40 t2b - oops!
Gary L30:11  K2e
Beth J31:50 Rx
Tracy R32:10  knew ups
Tommy P28:11  Singles
Jamie C29:31  Singles
Results Posted: 40