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Thursday Feb 27,2014

Clean, JoBJ, PUComp,Perf: PERF 2.27.14Mobility & Maintenance

Clean, JoBJ, PU

15 min AMRAP
  Staring at 1, increase by 2 reps each rounds until the 15 minute mark (i.e. 1,3,5,7,9,11...)
    Power Clean  Rx(135/95)
    Jump Over Box Jump  Rx(24/20) - cannot land on the box
    Flash Push-Up

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TodayAll Time

Elise178  45#,18in box
Nate157 Rx
Anthony R192 Rx
Michael Hi118  115lb power cleans
Bobby K91  2 box
Glen G211 Rx +cash out 50 DU and 100 singles in 2:45
Claudia N202  45 lb pc, 12' box :)
Ingrid202  65lbs,12 box
Lance H186  95# 24' box jump
Jamie S97 Rx
Jessica Go142  12 inch box with 25# on top 65# pc
Mariah152  75# power clean rx jumpovers all day
Julie Se181  Went light since open starts tomorrow. 75# cleans and 18' box jump overs
Tracy R174  75# cleans, 12 inch box jump
Sharon G170  light due to open starting, 65#, jump over bar
Marissa152  12 in box, 65 pc
Makenzie147  18 inch box jump over round 1 jump on all rest; 55# power clean
Nicole P152 Rx
Tommy P141 Rx
Buster192 Rx
Devan198  24''box jumps
Tom N155 Rx
John T162  20 in box jumps
Billy167 Rx
Corey B169 Rx
Jason C174 Rx
Kathy N198  55 power clean, bar jump over (I have a mental block about jumping!!)
Marlene148  65#, jump over bar
Katie H226  #45 PC, bar jump over...first wod in over 2 weeks
Mark H147 Rx
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