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Wednesday Feb 12,2014

HOME WOD - Lunge, Sit, Squat, ExtendComp: COMP: Recovery Day

HOME WOD - Lunge, Sit, Squat, Extend

8 Minute AMRAP
  10 Walking Lunges (5/leg)
  10 Sit-Ups
  10 Jump Squats
  10 Good Mornings

0% 0%
1st318 Claudia N Wed,Feb 12,2014
2nd253 Julie Se Wed,Feb 12,2014
3rd246 Karen G Wed,Feb 12,2014
1st330 Tom N Wed,Feb 12,2014
2nd328 John Re Wed,Feb 12,2014
3rd252 Tom T Wed,Feb 12,2014

Wanda178  standing lunges, bw squats
Jerry R120  bw squats
Leslie186 Rx
Lisa S198 Rx After 3 miles on the dreadmill- go away snow and ice!
Destiny180 Rx
John Re328 Rx Legs are pumped.
Sharon G205 Rx After 5x3 bench press -with my hubby, at the gym!
Bobby S250 Rx
Susan J196 Rx
Karen G246 Rx
Julie Se253 Rx 6 rounds plus 10 walking lunges and 3 sit ups
Tom N330 Rx with my girl
Makenzie210 Rx 5 rounds and 10 walking lunges
Claudia N318 Rx Trying to keep up with hubs and burn off all my ice storm indulgences!
Melissa S218 Rx With the help of a 4yr old and puppy!
Tom T252 Rx
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