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Monday Dec 30,2013

Happy Birthday Maggie
Twenty FourteenComp: Ladder15: SC, Th, BS

Twenty Fourteen

2014 Chipper WOD (1RFT)
  20 Medicine Ball Cleans  (20/14)
  14 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls  (70/53)
  20 Flash Push-ups
  14 Burpee Box Jumps  (24/18)
  20 Jumping Alternating Lunges
  14 Pull Ups
  20 Sit-ups
  14 Clapping Push-Ups
  20 Wall Balls  (20/14)
  14 Kettlebell Swings  (53/35)
  20 Bodyweight Squats
  14 Knees To Elbow

0% 0%
1st9:07 Angie F Mon,Dec 30,2013
2nd10:07 Laura P Mon,Dec 30,2013
Kaci Mon,Dec 30,2013
3rd10:16 Linda W Mon,Dec 30,2013
1st7:47 Alec D Mon,Dec 30,2013
2nd7:51 Nathan J Mon,Dec 30,2013
3rd8:04 Glen G Mon,Dec 30,2013

Kyle N10:38 Rx (2nd go around); 11:55 1st go around
Chris O18:44  blue band pull ups
Billy10:10 Rx
Anthony R11:00 Rx
Glen G8:04 Rx
Angie F9:07 Rx
Ronnie8:42 Rx 70 lb KB Swing
Laura P10:07 Rx 53#
Ann L15:35  35#kd, 20'bj, blue band pu
Andreas20:01 Rx 70 lb kb swing
Lance H14:30 Rx
Jerry C14:39  no burpees
Debi19:03  masters
Jonell15:22  Masters
Jim L13:13  masters
Wanda18:35  masters
Susan J16:50  Masters
Mike G10:04 Rx week off
Shane D13:05 Rx
Lisa S14:40  band pu, more knee ups then k2e, flash not clapping, 44#kb swings, walking lunges
Sharon G14:30  Rx except 20 in stepups, walking lunges, gr band pus, reg pushups (not cl), kneeups
Jessica Go15:36  Rx except walking lunges, gr pand pus, reg pushups (not cl), kneeups
Michael Ho8:54  53lb SDHP
Marissa13:34  35# sdlhp, fpups instead of clapping, red band pups
Janet13:45  red band p-ups, flash p-ups instead of clapping
Tracy R15:25  35# sdlhp, fpups instead of clapping, red and purple band pups
Kari P13:56  banded pullup
Sallie15:41  35# kb,blue band pu
Shannon18:57  RX except pull ups
Julie Se15:15 Rx
Katie Ba14:10  35# kb, purple band, fpus instead of clapping
John New8:44 Rx
Nathan J7:51 Rx
Tom N10:56 Rx
Linda W10:16 Rx 20#med clean, 53#sdhp, 24''burp bj, 14#wb, 53#kbs
Kaitlin14:34 Rx
Corey B9:29 Rx
Tommy P13:41 Rx
Joe P11:00 Rx
Andrew P9:24 Rx
Nicole P14:45 Rx
Bobby S12:45 Rx
Briana10:30 Rx
Katie H19:23  rx except for band pu
Jamie C17:34 Rx Shoulder still all jacked-up
Kaci10:07 Rx 44# kb
Gene8:07 Rx
Craig H9:14 Rx
Scott Sy8:48 Rx whew
Angela Du10:17 Rx 44# kb swings...10:32 2nd time doing wod with all butterfly pu
Beth J17:51  RX except blue band PUs + 20 in BJ
Tom T12:45 Rx
Kathy N16:45  Green band pu, jump push-up, attempted knee to elbow
Alec D7:47 Rx
Marlene10:59  Green band pu ,knee up,
Jamie S23:54  Knee up
John T11:26 Rx
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