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Monday Feb 10,2014

Signiture: Fight Gone BadSigniture: Masters Fight Gone BadPerf: PERF 2.10.14Comp: COMP 2.10.14Other Posted Results

Fight Gone Bad

Signiture: Reps-Rx2
3 Rounds
1 min Amrap each station
1 min after each Round  

Wall Balls 20/14       Rx2: 14/10        
SDLHP 75/55           Rx2: 55/35
Box Jumps 20/20     Rx2: 18/18
Push Press 75/55     Rx2: 55/35
Row (Calories)  

*Score is total # of Reps

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TodayAll Time

Melissa S219  box stepups
Wendy170 Rx
Dan E226 Rx
Elise170 Rx
Paul Br178 Rx
Glen G276 Rx
Angie F323 Rx
John P130 Rx
Lance W208 Rx
Andreas214 Rx
Jason C255 Rx
Aleyda149 Rx
Claudia N162  45 lbs sumo and pp
Ingrid215 Rx
Tom N268 Rx
Lance H232 Rx
Lisa S241 Rx
Bryan R266 Rx
Mike G322 Rx PR by 43
Jamie S195 Rx
John New288 Rx
Mariah220 Rx
Marissa177  18 box
Janet200 Rx
Julie Se193 Rx Better than my first time for FGB
Makenzie126 Rx first time doing FGB
Sharon G206  Rx everything except step-ups, 28 rep PR at Rx weight!
Shannon218 Rx busted my knee ;(
Karen G222 Rx
Kyle N292 Rx
Tracy R201  18 in box jump
Destiny85  2 rounds due to injury, 30# PP, 30# SDHP, Rx WB, Rx BJ
Tommy P221 Rx
Jenn194 Rx
Tripp217 Rx
Kathy N178 Rx
Nate275 Rx sdhp start
John T209 Rx
Beth J173 Rx
Results Posted: 39