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Wednesday Jul 17,2013

Happy Birthday Aaron W
Hero: HammerAWL: AWL 13.4Comp: COMP 7.17.13Other Posted Results

Hero: Hammer

5 Rounds
   5 Power Cleans
  10 Front Squats
   5 Push Jerks
  20 Pull ups
   *Rest 90 sec

Rx: 135/95
Rx2: 95/65
  Strict Banded
Rx3: 3 Rounds
  43' Ring Rows

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TodayAll Time

Wendy32:30  55#, blue band
Bryan H31:59 Rx
Tabatha31:50 Rx2
Angie F19:22 Rx2
Nathan R30 min  65# blue band 3.75 rounds
Cliff34:40 Rx2 115
Lance H15:21  3 rnds rx2 left knee still yelling at me
Jerry C9:06  65# masters
Sandra R10:01  Masters
Claudia B11:10  Masters
Karen L11:21  Masters
Trisch16:28  35lb and green band
Jim E12:16  4 rnds, green band, 65lbs,masters
Hunter17:56 Rx2 95 lb bar
Julie Se21:06 Rx2 65#, green band
Ann L21:52  45#, blue/red
Mike G28:21 Rx2 115# - shoulders
Scott Sy14:13  DNF... 3 Rnds.. 135#
Laura P24:06 Rx
Jeff R17:45 Rx
Billy25:15 Rx
Debbi23:09  35# bar red/blue band
Glen B24:19 Rx2
Karen G24:12 Rx2 blue band, last round blue and red
Melissa S22:15  65#, grn bnd
Josh P24:11 Rx
Sharon G24:24  Rx2 wt (65#), gr/red bands + c/o (800 m backwards walk)
Bryan B15:45 Rx
Amanda A25:41  95#;blue/red band then green band pu
Melissa B19:19  45# grn band
Jeremy D26:04  sub 20 bws instead of fs
Corey B29:32 Rx
Kaci22:12  95#, 30 flash pus instead of pus to save hands :)
Craig H27:12 Rx
William B28:10  95# and grn band
Michelle F26:08  #85 and purple band
David V25:17  3 rounds + 5reps
Sallie22:30 Rx2 55#,green band + co
John Re18:56 Rx Good WOD
Chris WDNF (over 30 mins) Rx 35:38
Jessica Ga18:53  #55, red/purple band
Andrew P23:12 Rx2
Andreas46:00 Rx 20# vest
Tom T29:35  95#, Green Band
Jim C28:14  75#
Blake L30:00 Rx
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