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Monday Nov 4,2013

Girl: Lucy50 Sit Ups for timeCOMP 10.12.13Other Posted Results


Girl: Time
5 Rounds
  5 Pull-ups
  10 Burpees
  400m Run

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Christopher24:25  red band...uhh
Debbi23:57  rb band
Melissa P26:00  Green band/ row
Chris O25:26  green band pu
Paul Br19:15 Rx Almost a minute better!
Angie F14:20  row instead of run due to ankle injury
Wendy21:57  purple band; 3 minutes better
Karen G18:22 Rx
Jason C13:23 Rx
Andreas24:28 Rx
Glen G14:00 Rx
Buster15:07 Rx
Ryan F11:39 Rx
Jyl13:05 Rx 3 min pr!
Michele13:45 Rx
Ingrid14:35  algunas pullups y algunas intentos
Claudia N16:46  blue belt
Miriam F22:33  green band
Kevin10:33 Rx
Tom N16:50 Rx
Kristi B15;04  masters class - 3 rounds
Jim L19:30 Rx
Jonell17:48  3 rds. green band
Stan17:02  3 rds, green band
Debi20:41  green &red bnd masters
Jim E12:13  Masters 3 rounds
Sandra R18:17  masters, green band
Wanda16:54  masters ring pull ups and rows
Susan J17:01  mstrs 3 rnds, grn band
Sean E16:35 Rx First LUCY
Blake L17:02 Rx
Mike G12:45 Rx First LUCY
Jamie S25:40 Rx 2 rounds run, 3 round row
Marissa15:52  blue band for pu's
Sharon G19:44  gr band, row (hurt foot hiking)
Jessica Go22:10  black band
Tammie22:14  black band
Julie Se19:30 Rx
Tracy R18:40  red and blue band pullups
Andrea O21:52  grn 2 rds ; grn prpl 3 rds
Kathy C20:31 Rx
Ronnie11:19 Rx
Anthony P13:31 Rx
Laura P14:05 Rx
Janet17:43  red and blue band
Mariah15:15 Rx
Tom T16:55 Rx
Bennett12:37 Rx
Corey B11:10 Rx
Shannon20:36  banded pu
Kaitlin17:34 Rx
Briana13:50 Rx
Katie H16:58  red band, row last 2 rounds...bad shin splint
Bobby S15:08 Rx
Nathan J11:44 Rx
Andrew P12:50 Rx
Nicole P15:58 Rx
Jamie C16:33 Rx
Beth J19:30  Red band
Jessica Ga15:37 
Kathy N20:21  Green band
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