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Friday Jan 24,2014

Gymversary Tommy P-2
1.24.14 GS, BC, PstlsAWL: AWL 1.23.14Masters: MSTRS 1.24.14Comp: COMP 1.24.14Other Posted Results


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Goblet squats should be performed with the goblet (KB) as close to your mid-line as possible.  Be sure to keep your shoulders and chest upright as you squat and drive back up.  Hip crease must go below the knee and hips must be fully open when standing.
Be sure on the pistols to get down to a full squat.  Foot cannot touch the floor and you must stand all the way before your foot comes down.  For Rx, foot must be extended out in front of you.  For Rx2, foot can wrap around ankle of planted foot.

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