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Monday Jul 15,2013

Happy Birthday Charles D & Dave & Sherri
Girl: NicoleComp: CMP 7.15.13Other Posted Results


Girl: Reps-Rx3
20 min Amrap
400m Run
Max reps Pull-Ups      
  Rx2: Strict Banded
  Rx3: Ring Rows

*Score is total number of Pullups
(note total of pull-ups each round in comment section)

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Heather C40  jumping pull ups - 4 rounds
Paul Br32 Rx 6 rounds
Kyle N63 Rx 8 Rounds
Debbi71  6 rounds
Angie F61 Rx 8 rounds
Jim C35 Rx 5 rnds
Andreas25 Rx 5 rds with 20 # vest
Nathan R49 reps 5 rounds  blue band
Trina40 Rx 4 rounds
Jason C109 Rx
Trisch29  red band
Jessica J21  blue/red band. 1 mile
Jyl58 Rx 6rnds
Karen G28 Rx 6 rounds
Ryan F130 Rx 7 rounds, Jason C, I paced off of you...Thanks!
Jamie S44  Green band 5 rounds row
Lance H22 Rx left kne locked up ughhh
Jerry C44.5  masters
Stan37, 5.5rds  blk bandpu
Jim L59 6 rnds Rx
Jim E73 pu green band  5 rnds
Sandra R40 red/green, partnered  3.5 rds
Claudia B35 red/green bands  3.5 rds
Ronnie81  Ring Dips for PU's (Injured)
Laura P99 Rx 6 Rounds - 95 Butterflies
Mike G140 Rx 6 rounds
Julie Se30  all strict pu, with blue band. Haven't learned how to do kipping pu's yet.
David V87 Rx 5 rnds
Lori75 Rx
Sharon G67  gr/red bands, 4 rounds
Mariah6 rounds 48 total kipping pull ups Rx
Jeremy D60 Rx 4.5 rounds took it easy on my knee
Kim B34 Rx 6 rounds
Anthony P80 Rx strict and kip/butterfly... tore hand too
Michelle F25 Rx 6 rounds, still working on reps wo band
Shannon38  6 rounds, blue band
Linda W49 Rx
Dana Martine36  5 rnds,blue band
William B38 Rx 5 rounds
Melissa B30 Rx 4 rounds
John New90 Rx 6 rounds
Bobby S63 Rx 6rnds
Buster98 Rx 6 rounds
Andrea D50  5 rnds grn band
Blake L32 Rx 6 rounds
Nathan J132 Rx 6 rounds
Katie Ba60  6 rounds, green band
Nicole P74  6 rounds + 300m, purple & black bands
Andrew P85 Rx 5 rounds - 32 first round
Beth J28  Blue band 5 rounds
Katie H61  6 rounds green band
Brian St44 Rx 6 rounds
Corey B134 Rx 7 rounds
Hunter108 Rx
Daniel B59 Rx 5 Rounds
Kaci68 Rx Kipping/butterfly pus - 6 rounds
Amanda A62  blue band/6 rounds
Leslie75  7 rounds. Green band.
Jenn40  red band/7 rds plus 400m
Cliff29 Rx 4 rounds
Tom T61  Green Band /6 RNDS
Results Posted: 61