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Wednesday Jan 22,2014

HSPU, BBJAWL: AWL 1.21.14Comp: COMP: Recovery Day


  HSPU  Rx2(45# Plate + AbMat)
  Burpee Box Jumps  Rx(30/24)  Rx2(24/18)

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Nate11:00  45#+ab mat R1; FPU R2&R3; 30'box
Debbi16:21  flash pu 12' bx
Wendy14:36 Rx2
Chris O16:15  24 in box, hspu with knees on box
Jess10:50  handstand with bands and 12in box
Bobby K29:59  Hs holds 24 box
Debi21:54  burpee step ups 3 45# plates
Jerry C7:49  masters
Jim E11:44  18' box
Jim L10:22  12' box jump, mod hspu
Susan J14:50  V hspu and plates
Ronnie6:10 Rx
Lisa S9:43  45# plate, not all touched mat in last two rounds
Claudia N12:28 Rx2 worked on hs negatives
Kaci6:34 Rx
Marissa9:53  18 inch box, 45# and 10# plate
Mariah8:54 Rx2 at first RX then quickly turned into an ab mat, then 15lb plate then 20' bj
Tammie10:09 Rx2 2 plates; ab mat
Tracy R12:12  2 plates, ab mat
Katie Ba13:07  2 plates, ab mat, kipping attempts
Ryan F5:56 Rx
Melissa S11:30  rx2 hspu/hspu holds, step ups
John New12:10 Rx
Kaitlin9:14 Rx
Laura P8:43  20' n part 24'fell
Tom T12:14 Rx2 45#+abmt HSPU, 30'BxJ
Bryan B5:43 Rx
Buster7:56 Rx
Nathan J6:24 Rx
Nicole P9:38  FPU's
Nathaniel5:27 Rx
Kathy N12:36  head stand, 18' bjump
McKenzie11:20  box hand stand push
Beth J12:16  2 plates + ab mat, 24 BJ, First time doing kipping hspu
Marlene10:31 Rx2 18# step up ,AbMat handstand
Jamie C11:18 Rx2 Good n'sick today...
John T6:28 Rx2
Jenn10:58 Rx2 20 in box
Katie H10:17 Rx2 20in box
Mike GDNF  right shoulder, 7 into 15 (kipping HSPU)
John Re5:40 Rx Need work on HSPU resistance
Briana9:24 Rx
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