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Thursday Sep 12,2013

Welcome Megan W
Run, Burpee, Pushup, SquatCashout: 200 Flutter KicksAWL: BrP, T2B, Sntch, WBComp: DL, Row, FPU, RR, RunOther Posted Results

Run, Burpee, Pushup, Squat

200m Run
20 Burpees
400m Run
20 Flash Push-Ups
800m Run
20 Bodyweight Squats
1 Mile Run

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George J15:29 Rx
Kyle N17:50 Rx
Amy L22:51 Rx &200 flutter kicks
Melissa S23:14 Rx cash out
Debbi24:26 Rx
Anthony R22:15 Rx That was rucked up + co
Trisch26:00 Rx cash out
Glen G18:01 Rx Perfect form on my flutter kicks
Bobby K24:36 Rx
Ronnie14:34 Rx
Jyl19:30 Rx
Claudia N19:50  5 pups on knees + 240 flutter kicks
Jason C15:52 Rx
Lori20:45 Rx
Susan J24:34  row instead of run+co
Gina22:55 Rx At home
Jim L26:21 Rx
Jim E26:21 Rx
Daniel B20:03 Rx
Tom T22:58 Rx
Bennett18:17 Rx +co
Jamie S29:56 Rx
Michele16:01 Rx
Denise18:40 Rx
Tammie28:24 Rx
Sharon G29:14 Rx
Mariah19:18 Rx
Kim B18:50 Rx
Kaci18:46 Rx Shins hurt like a mo-fo!! :(
Kevin14:42 Rx oh well....1 min slower
Katie H21:14 Rx
Kaitlin19:45 Rx Didn't walk!:)
Jeff Hel19:08 Rx
Bobby S17:24 Rx + cash out @ :58
Leslie20:13 Rx
Marlene28:38 Rx + C/O
Amanda A18:09 Rx +co
Andrew P15:29 Rx
Aleyda25:10  walked most of last mile
Jenn18:35 Rx plu
Neal19:28 Rx
Valerie35:35  knee pups, step down burpees, walk,run
Janet22:43 Rx
Kathy N26:34 Rx Cash out 59 sec
Jamie C21:14 Rx Slower, by a lot...
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