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JoseJan 29,2018
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Thursday Jan 3,2013

Happy Birthday Tracy R
Anniversary Blake M-1

Row, Pullups, HSPu

800m Row
20 pullups
10 HSPUs
15 Pullups
15 HSPUs
10 Pullups
800m Row

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1st14:23 Angela Du Thu,Jan 3,2013
2nd18:45 Kaci Thu,Jan 3,2013
3rd20:23 Jyl Thu,Jan 3,2013
1st12:14 Bryan B Thu,Jan 3,2013
2nd12:20 Jeff R Thu,Jan 3,2013
3rd13:50 Jesse F Thu,Jan 3,2013

Jyl20:23 Rx
Jason C19:48 Rx
Blake M20:57  45#15# HSPU
Angie F16:47  Ab mat HSPU
Al19:19 Rx
Gavin R25:39  25 and 45# plates
Nathan L23:05 Rx no pad
Phil24:32  black band, box
Jesse F13:50 Rx all strict handstand pushups
Ronnie14:56 Rx All to the floor strict handstand pushups
Aimee14:47  toes to floor redblue
Morgan P14:14  toes to floor/green
Diana13.03  sit pull ups box handstand push ups
Jeremy D17:45 Rx
Mike G14:08 Rx
Lisa S15:18  red/blue bands/ box pushups
Dana Martine18:00  grn bnd, 2 plates and mat
Craig H15:42 Rx
Stephanie D26:27 Rx kipping hspu
Bryan H16:13  Box HSPU
Andreas23:40 Rx
Billy15:46 Rx
Ryan M18:54 Rx
Denise17:54  red band pu, 2 plate ab mat hspu
Melissa S19:29  grn bnd, 2 plts 2 pds
Debbi16:11  bx hspu blue band
Kate22:36  45lb plate + abmat
Bryan B12:14 Rx thx for the help Scott
Kaci18:45 Rx
Corey B17:53 Rx
Mike R17:44  2 plates, ab mat hspu
Anil17:34 Rx
Ryan S18:16 Rx
Nathan J14:17 Rx kipping like a crazy person
Bobby S16:20  2-25# plates and ab mat for hspu
John T20:33  red band PU, abmat hspu
Angela Du14:23 Rx
Brian St19:48 Rx
Jeff R12:20 Rx
Marlene18:01  Bx hspu, green and red
Torre18:34  2 25# & ab mat hspu
Kathy C19:17  Redband
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