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JoseJan 29,2018
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Tuesday Jan 1,2013

WallBalls, Front Squats

Wall Balls
Front Squats 155/105 (Rx2 115/75)

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1st7:12 2Lori Tue,Jan 1,2013
2nd7:19 2Melissa S Tue,Jan 1,2013
3rd7:41 2Aimee Tue,Jan 1,2013
1st6:22 Jesse F Tue,Jan 1,2013
2nd9:32 Buster Tue,Jan 1,2013
3rd9:36 Jeff R Tue,Jan 1,2013

Melissa S7:19 Rx2
Nathan J7:15 Rx2
Aimee7:41 Rx2
Robert H10:38  working on form and flexibility
Morgan P10:30 Rx2 Thanks Jamie!!!!!
Kim B11:24 Rx2
Adrien7:57  65# FS, 14# WB
Shane D10:55 Rx2
Craig H11:33 Rx2
Sharon G12:13  45#, 10# wb worked on form and flexibility.
Corey B9:28 Rx2
Andrea O8:26 Rx2
Kathy C7:18  14ball 55lbfs
Joe Lu6:55  10ball 45 fs
Heather O9:25 Rx2
Blake M12:33 Rx2 ouch :( ha
Anil11:05 Rx
Buster9:32 Rx
Lori7:12 Rx2
Jeff R9:36 Rx
Jesse F6:22 Rx
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