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Wednesday Mar 27,2013

Happy Birthday Heather R
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Max Rep Chipper

For maximum reps:
5 minutes of rowing (max calories)
4 minutes of thrusters    Rx(135/95)    Rx2(95/65)
3 minutes of sit-ups
2 minutes of double-unders
1 minute of burpees

Post Total Number of Reps

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1st280 Angela Du Wed,Mar 27,2013
2nd313 2Tammie Wed,Mar 27,2013
3rd251 2Angie F Wed,Mar 27,2013
1st326 Jeff R Wed,Mar 27,2013
2nd302 Kevin Wed,Mar 27,2013
3rd259 Gene Wed,Mar 27,2013

Amy L272  35# singles
Kaci205 Rx2
Lyn306  35# trush,singles
Wendy246  45# thrusters, singles, plus c/o
Paul Br273  95#, Singles Instead of Doubles, 69 Calories, 18 Thrusters
Tabatha180 Rx2
Angie F251 Rx2 65#, du, wb c/o
Shawn217 Rx2 Singles
Charles D210 Rx2
Bryan H161 Rx
Bekah171  plus c/o
Gene259 Rx
Jamie S241  95#thusters singles on the rope
Buster237 Rx
Jessica J265  Singles. 65# thrusters.
Karen L215 
Claudia B265 
Jerry C204 
Jim L244  masters rx 35# thr 14# cash out
Lance H226 Rx2
Gabrielle238  singles, 45#
Christy303  singles/ 55# thrusters
Lori257  55# thrusters , du
Kristi R223  singles
David V244 Rx2 95# thrus, DU, 25WB CO
Sharon G271  Rx2 wt, singles
Jonell217  35#
Kevin302 Rx
Gina163 Rx2 ONE double under (didn't count any singles)
Candice200  singles, 35#
Alex H132 Rx2 Double unders for first time
Shannon332  singles; 65lb thrusters
John T164 Rx2
Tammie313 Rx2 singles
David Bag184 Rx2
Tommy P190 Rx2
Josh P241 Rx2 95 lb thrusters
William B193 Rx2
Matt V163 Rx2
Melissa S195 Rx2
Grace P15 min  45lbs/singleu/su/
Jenn154  45#, singles
Jessica Ga260  #55, singles
Anthony P224 Rx2 95lb thrusters
Andrea D161  45# thrusters
Katie Ba183  45#
Andrea O195  45# thrusters and DU's
Jeff R326 Rx
Angela Du280 Rx 95#
Nathan J316 Rx2 95#, DUs
Results Posted: 50