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Monday Nov 19,2012

Happy Birthday Mike G

X & Y Wod 3

2 Person Team
2 min AMRAP each station

-Alternating Wall Balls 20/14/10
-Power Cleans 95/75
-Alternating Box Jumps 24/20/18
-Push Press 95/75/45
-Pull Ups
  C2B 5 pts
  Chin over bar 3 pts
  Jumping 1 pt
  70# 3 pts
  53# 2 pts
  35# 1 pts

0% 0%
1st600 Angela Du Mon,Nov 19,2012
2nd521 Linda W Mon,Nov 19,2012
3rd473 Jyl Mon,Nov 19,2012
1st670 Gene Mon,Nov 19,2012
2nd600 Scott Sy Mon,Nov 19,2012
3rd521 John New Mon,Nov 19,2012

Kaci292 Rx partner with Tabatha
Gene670 Rx partner of jeff rice
Paul Br419 Rx Partner - Angie Flowers
Angie F419 Rx Partner of Paul B
Michelle F321 Rx partner Corey Foster
Jim C305  75#pc & pp, gabby was partner
Karen G206 no partner  jumping pu
William Pauley260  45#
Bekah260  45#
Gabrielle305  75 pc and 55pp w/jim
Andreas339 Rx Bobby 70# kb 95# bar
Tabatha292 Rx partner Kaci B
Bobby K339 Rx Andreas partner Jmp pu
Lance H429 Rx partner Jessica Johnson
Jessica J429 Rx Lance H
Morgan J390 Rx w/ Ken (jumping pullups)
Blake M403 Rx w/ Gavin
Laura P431 Rx partner Ronnie
Jyl473 Rx with jeff
Ronnie431  w/ Laura P
Gavin R403 Rx
Aprele273  w/rachel,jump pull ups
Grace P370  10wb/12boxstpup/45dl/15pp/25kb
Karen L257  Masters mod
Jim L380  14#wb, 45#dl.step up, jump pu
Jerry C30  massters
Diana370 Rx 10 lb wb 12 incj step up 45 deadlift 15 pushpress
Nilma156 Rx 14 #wb 45#p clean 18 box jump push press 45# kb35#
Lisa S211  flyin' solo, jumping pus
Sarah Mc507  with my sexy husband Ryan M/ 45lb pc/pp jumping pull-ups
John New521 Rx with Linda W
Linda W521 Rx with John N
Scot113 Rx
Kristin T109  wb 10 lbs,pc 45 lbs, bj 12 in, pp 15 lbs, pups jpg, kbs 15lbs
Matt K478 Rx With Damien
Mike G434 Rx with Kim B = wb14, kb70,53,35, 95 / 75
Kim B434 Rx with Mike G - same as above
John P306 Rx
Melissa S278  partner Dana
Dana Martine278  w/Melissa wb10,kb35,55
Shannon375  with Buster jumping pull ups; rest RX
Buster375 Rx with Shannon
Melissa B304  65# with William B
William B304 Rx with Melissa B
Andrea O505  partner TINA
Jenn428 Rx with Cory:)
Corey B428 Rx 95# w/ Jenn
Heather O293  75# cleans; 20' BJ; 65# push press; chin ups; 35# KB
Bobby S427 Rx with Nathan J
Ali358  75# PP, 75#PC, 14# WB, 20in BJ, jumping pullups
Nathan J427 Rx with Bobby S
Anil477 Rx with Ben M.
Tommy P454 Rx With Brian V
Scott Sy600 Rx With Angela Du
Angela Du600 Rx With Scott S
Katie Ba385 w/Anthony  10 #WB, 45# Power/Push, 18' BJ, Jumping PU's
Heather C304  45#, 26#kb, 2 plates
Jamie C293, with Heather Rx 75# cleans and push presses, 20' BJ, 53# KBS, finally kipping PU's!
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