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Saturday Mar 16,2013

Happy Birthday Brandon
St. Patricks Day WODOther Posted Results

St. Patricks Day WOD

Irish Musical Chairs
4 Irish Songs, 4 Stations, Work at Each Station For Duration of Song, Score is Total Reps Per Station

Station 1:  Row For Calories
Station 2:  Wall Balls Rx(20/14)
Station 3:  Muscle-Ups  Rx2(Jumping Muscle-Ups)
Station 4:  Sumo Deadlift High Pull With KB  Rx(70/53)

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1st225Angie F Sat,Mar 16,2013
2nd216Diana Sat,Mar 16,2013
3rd154Laura S Sat,Mar 16,2013
1st160 Casey R Sat,Mar 16,2013
2nd148 John Re Sat,Mar 16,2013
3rd157Kyle N Sat,Mar 16,2013

Laura S154  10 lbs wb
Diana216  10 lb wb muscle row
Angie F225  jumping MU, Rx2
Kyle N157  jumping mu, RX2
Justin M135  rx2
Sandra R113  10#wb, ring rows, 20#kb
Claudia B128  10#wb, ring rows, 20#kb
Stan112  jumping rd, 53#kb
Corey B143  jumping mu on high rings
Sharon G125  Rx2
John Re148 Rx cardio slowly getting better...
Casey R160 Rx Muscle ups need work...
Bekah142  rx2
Aleyda78  34kb, pull up from ring
Chris W142  Ring Rows w/ Toes on box
David V125  rx2 jumping muscle-ups
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