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Tuesday Jun 4,2013

Strength: Power Clean 5 x 5Hero: The Big ChiefOther Posted Results

Power Clean 5 x 5

Strength: Weight
5 Sets of 5 Reps on Power Clean

100% 0%
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Jim C125 Rx
Kaci95 Rx (random elbow area hurting)
Jyl120 Rx
Lyn75 Rx
Sarah Mc95 Rx 105 for 4 FML
Bobby K145 Rx
Scot155 Rx 5 reps on 4th rnd
Sharon G80 Rx
Kim B95 Rx 1 @ 100
John Re225 Rx More next time
David V175 Rx +10# from last
Mike G175 Rx +10 new PR!
Craig H205 Rx new PR!
Heather O115 Rx
Bryan B225 Rx Touch & go, no dropping
Morgan J135 Rx
Bobby S170 Rx
Blake M125# Rx
Ronnie205 Rx Touch and go/ no dropping
Nathan J165 Rx 2 sets of 5, working on form.
Jamie C135 Rx Been too long! Good stuff...
John T175 Rx
Marlene75# Rx :(
Jenn80# Rx my best ever(:
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