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Tuesday May 22,2012

Girl: FranStrength: Snatch Balance 5 x 3


Girl: Time-Rx3
  Thrusters 95/65
         Rx2: 65/45
         Rx3: 55/35
         Rx2: Band
         Rx3: Ring Rows

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Jody11:19 Rx
Ben M10:14  101st #65, pull ups, no kip swing
Anil7:25  65#
Bobby K17:02  85#, Blueband 1st round, Greenband 2,3 rnd
Jessica J11:36  Green band pul ups & #65
Jyl6:29 Rx
Jason C5:39 Rx
Morgan J15:46  Green band rx#
Sam12:12  112nd 55# Red/blue bands
Ashley P6:34 Rx 34th
Al6:23 Rx 33rd
Adrien9:31  55#,red band
Gavin R9:15 Rx PR by 2:05!
Jeff R5:56 Rx
Aimee7:22  45#blue/red
Ann L6:41  63rd rx..are you kidding? 35# blue/red
Laura P8:19  45# thruster but Rx pull up!
John P13:20  110th 65# blue band
Heather O13:21  45 lbs; green band
Jeremy D10:50 Rx 68th
Lance H10:30  blue / red band
Stephanie D11:26  55# faster than last time!
Susan D11:54 Rx 28th WOW-shaved 6 sec---
Matt K8:28 Rx
Lori8:08  55# thrusters
Nathan L7:26 Rx
John New8:42 Rx
Candice11:34  red,blue
Jamie C12:11  65#, blue band
Justin M11:07  green band
Blake M22:08  RX pull ups , 55#
Linda W19:55 Rx 1st wod rx'd with pull up! WHOOOHHOOO!!!
Steph10:49  106th 55# blue band
Ronnie7:11 Rx
Richard10:47  103rd 45#, green band
Mike R19:01 Rx
Sharon G10:37  50#, bar pullups
Kim B13:43  50# blue band
Mike Pr13:30  111st 55# green band
Torre12:32  grn bnd
Mike Pa13:44  65# jumping pull ups
Kate14:33  50#
Haley J9:38  red & blue band
Tommy P14:02  Blue band
Kevin6:31 Rx
Scott Sy6:01 Rx
Jessica Ga11:37  110th #45
Jesse F4:55 Rx 105# thruster
Marlene9:17  55# red and green band
Daryl9:15  95th 65#
Cliff14:30  Blue
Angela Du6:21 Rx
Jerry C13:45  less 3kbs 7 pu
Brad10:15 Rx 64th
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