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Tuesday Nov 20,2012

Max,Strength: Snatch: 1 Rep MaxRope, T2B, Run

Snatch: 1 Rep Max

Max,Strength: Weight
Establish 1 Rep Max Snatch (squat or power)

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Bekah55# Rx
Tabatha60 Rx
Bobby K115 Rx
Jyl75 Rx
Kaci70 Rx
Blake M80 Rx
Scott Sy135 Rx
Lance H135 Rx
Linda W85 Rx sh*t
Gavin R135 Rx 155 power snatch 135 full / squat snatch
Ronnie155 Rx
Aimee45 Rx
Mike G105 Rx Need to clean-up second pull
Andreas135 Rx
Mike Pabar Rx worked on squats and mobility
John P120 Rx
Ali75 Rx
Andrea O70 Rx
Kim B55 Rx
Debbi35# Rx
Torre185 Rx
Jeff Hel155 Rx
Nathan J120 Rx
Scot95 Rx
Anil135 Rx
Jessica J95 Rx
Ben M165 Rx
Thomas S145 Rx
Kathy C65 Rx 35 45 55 65
Heather O75 Rx
Aprele70 Rx
Morgan J100 Rx
Jenn45lbs Rx
Buster185 Rx
Gene165 Rx
Tommy P155 Rx
Jim C100 Rx
Marlene65# Rx :(
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