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Monday May 21,2018

Blake M

Hey Team, Murph is on the horizon!!! Here are a few very important details!  
1: Opening Ceremonies will start at 7:30am. We will have the National Anthem and a briefing on how the day is going to flow!  

2: Please arrive at least 30min before your heat time. It will be up to each athlete to get themselves warmed up. We will have a warm up written on the board for you to follow!  

3: We have a few surprises in store for you!! If you have someone in your life who is a FALLEN SOLDIER and you would like us to honor them specifically please text me ASAP!! 770-363-8622 🇺🇸  

4: If you have not yet signed up for Murph in the box please get with Coach Jose Rubio ASAP. Likewise, if you are wanting a Murph shirt go over to this link and sign up! It’s not to late to recieve it in time for Memorial Day!! Trust me you WILL want to put it on after you complete The Murph Challenge!!

5: If anyone would like to bring a Corn Hole or any other games feel free to bring them!!! We would love for everyone to hang out and cheer each other on!!! BYOB  

If you have any questions let us know!!! This is going to be a amazing event!

Back Squats 7 x 2Emom20: WB, Row

Back Squats 7 x 2

7 Rounds
2 Back Squats
  (Build up to 90% 1RM)

0% 0%
1st195 Erin W Mon,May 21,2018
2nd165 Casee Mon,May 21,2018
3rd135 Brittany Sm Mon,May 21,2018
1st300 Scott L Mon,May 21,2018
2nd275 Randall B Mon,May 21,2018
Scott Shap Mon,May 21,2018
Glen G Mon,May 21,2018
3rd265 Jose Mon,May 21,2018
Mike G Mon,May 21,2018

Randall B275 Rx
Scott Shap275 Rx 185,205,225,245,265,275,275
Chris K225 Rx
Glen G275 Rx Back to #265 on the 7th
Jose265 Rx
Jeff W185 Rx
Jim E125 Rx
Casee165 Rx
Erin W195 Rx
Brittany Sm135 Rx PR
Scott L300 Rx
Mike G265 Rx
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