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Saturday Feb 10,2018

Squating Elizabeth

Girl: Time-Rx3
21-15-9 reps of:
Squat Cleans 135/95
      Rx2: 95/65
      Rx3: 75/45
      Rx Masters 55+: 95/65
Ring Dips
      Rx2: Box Dips  
      Rx3: Flash Push-ups
      Rx Masters 55+: Ring Dips

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Christine H11:43  85# squat cleans, box dips; set of 9 had to be power cleans, hurt knee during squats
Scott Shap6:52 Rx
Scott L10:00 Rx2
Chris K11:28 Rx2
Mike G7:52 Rx
Sallie13:23 Rx2 85#, banded rd's
Glen G7:18 Rx
Maggie25:36 Rx2 RX~ish almost full range dips.
Ellen10:47 Rx3 45#
Janet10:31 Rx3 45#
Randall B8:56 Rx2 95#, Bar Dips
Kari D26:24 Rx2 95#, banded dips-Thanks for the push Maggie!!
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