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Wednesday Dec 12,2018

10-1: BMU, FS

For Time
Bar Muscle-ups
   Rx2: Chest 2 Bar Pull-ups
   Rx3: Jumping Chest 2 Bar
*Clean the Barbell form the foor
Front Squats 185/115
   Rx2: 135/75
   Rx3: 75/45

0% 0%
1st20:27 2Lourdes Wed,Dec 12,2018
2nd31:04 2Kari D Wed,Dec 12,2018
3rd10:30 3Ellen Wed,Dec 12,2018
1st29:28 Jeff R Wed,Dec 12,2018
2nd12:17 2Jim E Wed,Dec 12,2018
3rd19:56 2Scott L Wed,Dec 12,2018

Chris K12:48 Rx3
Karean20:30 Rx3 55#, alternating jumping bar muscle ups and jumping chest to bar
Lourdes20:27 Rx2 jumping MUs
Robert D13:17 Rx3
Scott L19:56 Rx2 Banded MU's
Alicia25:18 Rx3 65#, jumping BMU (25 plate)
Maggie17:01  85# FS Jumping BMU
Ellen10:30 Rx3 jumping mu
James S17:14  85#, jump BMU (45,15 plate)
Jim E12:17 Rx2 dumb bell front sq.
Jeff W21:43  115# Front Squat, jumping bar MU
Jeff R29:28 Rx
Kari D31:04 Rx2 95#/Banded BMU 2grn
Michael M21:04 Rx2 165#, JBMU
Tommy P12:50 Rx3 95#
Skyler19:55 Rx3 Jumping MU
Steven P21:20 Rx2 jumping MU on 30'
Gabriel22:35 Rx2 jumping MU 30' box
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