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Wednesday Oct 25,2017

Happy Birthday Jamie C

3 Amrap10: Barbell, Gymnastic, Metcon

10:00 Amrap
   8 Deadlits 115/75
         Rx2: 75/55
         Rx3: 55/35
   10 Hang Snatches
   12 Burpees Over the Bar
10:00 Amrap
   15 Sit-ups
   10 Flash Push-ups
   5 Strict Pull-ups
         Rx2: Banded
         Rx3: 10 Ring Rows
10:00 Amrap
    20 Double Unders
         Rx2: 40 Singles
         Rx3: 10 Calorie Row
    15 Box Jumps 24/20
         Rx2: 20/18
         Rx3: Step-ups
    10 Kettle Bell Swings 53/35
         Rx2: 35/26
         Rx3: 26/18

5:00 Rest Between Rounds

0% 0%
1st579 2Maggie Wed,Oct 25,2017
2nd516 2Makayla Wed,Oct 25,2017
3rd492 2Lourdes Wed,Oct 25,2017
1st605 Jose Wed,Oct 25,2017
2nd598 Scott Shap Wed,Oct 25,2017
3rd474 Courey Wed,Oct 25,2017

Jackie520 Rx3
Lourdes492 Rx2
Aaron W453 Rx2
Kelly S683 Rx3 round 1 dl 55#, snatch 35#; round 2 rings; round 3 singles
Maggie579 Rx2 85# DL
Scott Shap598 Rx 106/236/256
Ellen569 Rx3 singles and du, 18in. step ups
Jeff W500 Rx2 Rx except 75# DL and Snatch, singles
Jim L487 Rx3 35#kb, hang cleans(shldr prob)
Lance H509 Rx2 1st rnd 115 then 95 20' box singles
Jim E470 Rx3 1st rnd rx3, rnd2, rx2, 3rd rndrx3
Courey474 Rx
Katie Ba463 Rx2
Sallie445 Rx2 Rx amrap 2&3-at perim
Kristen H463 Rx2
Makayla516 Rx2 55lb deadlift&hang snatch. banded pull-ups. singles 35lb kb.
Scott L400 Rx
Clinton86 Rx 33 lb dL, pvc snatch, 12 cal row
Cody G637 Rx2 Freakin singles/everything else Rx
Jose605 Rx 120+240+245
Randall B408 Rx
Alexis443  65# dl/hs, rings, 18' step ups/ 35# kb
Gabby Rob427 Rx3 Preggo variations :)
Oscar589 Rx3
Josie348 Rx3 elevated heart rate had to slow down
Eric M440 Rx3
Kathy N485 Rx3 26kb
Tommy P440 Rx2
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