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Monday Apr 16,2018

6RFT: DU, Run2018 FG: Thruster Mathelete

6RFT: DU, Run

For Time
6 Rounds
20 Double Unders  
     Rx2: 40 Singles
     Rx3: 10 Sit-ups
     Elite: Unbroken
200 m Run
Rest 1:00

0% 0%
1st12:19 +Erin W Mon,Apr 16,2018
2nd13:08 +Sallie Mon,Apr 16,2018
3rd12:50 Jyl Mon,Apr 16,2018
1st11:33 +Scott Shap Mon,Apr 16,2018
2nd12:07 +Ryan H Mon,Apr 16,2018
3rd14:58 +Randall B Mon,Apr 16,2018

Scott L15:19 Rx
Chris K16:20 Rx2
Jackie12:30 Rx2
Randall B14:58 Rx+
Lourdes13:00 Rx2
Mike G12:41 Rx2 40 singles
Kelly S12:28 Rx2
Jyl12:50 Rx
Ellen16:39 Rx 20 du and 20 singles
Jeff W11:52 Rx2
Jerry R16:05 Rx3
Jim E18:00 Rx2
Billy19:45 Rx+
Bryan R20:34 Rx+ unbroken du, 400m run
Sallie13:08 Rx+ Woohoo unbroken!! At perim
Tommy P12:45 Rx2 Singles
Erin W12:19 Rx+ rested the full minute..pinky promise
Maggie15:30 Rx
Scott Shap11:33 Rx+ 1:07/1:09/1:08/1:06/1:04/:59
Ryan H12:07 Rx+
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