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Tuesday Jan 16,2018

Happy Birthday Robert S & Brian H
Gymversary Ryan M-6
E2mom20: FS, HSPUUnleashed 18.1

E2mom20: FS, HSPU

20:00 E2mom
(0:00, 4:00, 8:00)
3 Front Squats
  -3 sec Pause at the bottom
  -Clean Bars from the Floor
(2:00, 6:00, 10:00)
5 Strict Handstand Push-ups
   Rx2: Kipping
   Rx3: Progression

*Post FS weight

0% 0%
1st115 Erin W Tue,Jan 16,2018
2nd105 Kari M Tue,Jan 16,2018
3rd80 Sallie Tue,Jan 16,2018
1st155 Mike G Tue,Jan 16,2018
2nd135 Jose Tue,Jan 16,2018
Scott Shap Tue,Jan 16,2018
Cody G Tue,Jan 16,2018
Buster Tue,Jan 16,2018
Brian B Tue,Jan 16,2018
3rd125 Trent Tue,Jan 16,2018

Trent125 Rx
Chris K115 Rx
Jose135 Rx
Scott Shap135 Rx
Erin W115 Rx kipping HSPU
Mike G155 Rx
Cody G135 Rx
Sallie80 Rx 8 per round strict hspu w/plate and abmat-at perim
Alexis75 Rx
Kari M105 Rx
Buster135 Rx
JoAnna55 Rx
Brian B135 Rx
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