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Monday Dec 3,2018

Gymversary Scott Shap-4

Unpartitioned DT

A. 400 m Run
B. 3 Rounds
    10 Straight Leg Hip Extensions
    10 Hollow Bodys
    5 Front Lever

6:00 Emom
2 Bar Muscle-ups
   Rx2: Jumping Muscle-ups
   Rx3: Jumping Chest 2 Bar

Barbell Drills
2 Rounds
5 Romanian Deadlifts
5 Bent Over Rows
5 Hi-pulls
5 Strict Press

Unpartitioned DT
For Time
60 Deadlifts
45 Hang Cleans
30 Push Jerks

Rx: 155/105
Rx2: 115/75
RX3: 75/45

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Karean10:11 Rx3 35#
Scott L12:28 Rx2
Alicia12:14 Rx3 55#
Glen G16:37 Rx2 Scaled to 135
Scott Shap17:58 Rx
Kelly S9:54 Rx3 55#
Mike G17:39 Rx
Jeff W9:25 Rx3 shoulder
Ellen10:52 Rx3
Sallie13:59  Rx2 DL, 65#hc and pj-at perim
Linda W16:45 Rx
Mason15:45 Rx2 155# DL, 115# Everthing else
Amanda L18:36 Rx2
Skyler10:58  35#
Steven P14:30 Rx2
Kristen p14:35 Rx3
Gabriel11:05 Rx2
James S12:08 Rx3
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