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Thursday Jan 25,2018

Happy Birthday VICTORIA V
Gymversary Michael S-2

Amrap20: RC, BP, Lunge

20:00 Amrap
1 Legless Rope Climb
     Rx2: J or S Hook
     Rx3: 3 Rope Knee 2 Elbows
5 Bench Press 185/95
     Rx2: 135/75
     Rx3: 75/45
100 ft Lunges (Single KB Front Rack)
     Rx: 53/35
     Rx2: 35/26
     Rx3: Bodyweight

0% 0%
1st212 2Elaine Thu,Jan 25,2018
2nd130 2Lourdes Thu,Jan 25,2018
Naima Thu,Jan 25,2018
3rd173 3Kelly S Thu,Jan 25,2018
1st162 Scott Shap Thu,Jan 25,2018
2nd133 Buster Thu,Jan 25,2018
3rd226 2Trent Thu,Jan 25,2018

Lourdes130 Rx2 65 BP
Chris K110 Rx3 135 BP
Kelly S173 Rx3 55# bench
Mike G156 Rx2 155# bp
Scott Shap162 Rx
Elaine212 Rx2 85#bp in wod.
Cody G212 Rx2 everything rx except bench press 145lb/ 185 for a heavy 3 rep
Naima130 Rx2
John Ri104 Rx3
Tommy P156 Rx2
Trent226 Rx2 115lb bench, 35pd kb, finished 8 full rounds, and 18 reps of the 9th round
Daniel Ha156 Rx2
Buster133 Rx
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