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Thursday Jan 5,2017

PP, RD, Unbroken DU

5 Rounds
10 Push Press 95/65    
     Rx2: 75/55
     Rx3:  65/35
     Elite: 115/75
10 Ring Dips      
     Rx2: 10 Stricts Banded
     Rx3: 15 Box Dips
     Elite: ME MedBall  
20 Unbroken DU's        
     Rx2: 10 Unbroken DU's
     Rx3: 75 Unbroken Singles
     Elite: 35 Unbroken DU's

*must perform unbroken set of jump rope before advancing to the next Round

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1st18:06 +Jyl Thu,Jan 5,2017
2nd15:14 2Gabby Rob Thu,Jan 5,2017
3rd15:27 2Kathy N Thu,Jan 5,2017
1st10:25 +Scott Shap Thu,Jan 5,2017
2nd16:03 +Bryan R Thu,Jan 5,2017
3rd18:08 +Gene Thu,Jan 5,2017

Joseph R13:38 Rx3 RX weight, box dips, 100UB singles
Eric M15:09 Rx3 rx2 weight, 75 UB singles, box dips
Brittney Jo18:20 Rx2 55# PP, 75 UB singles, banded dips
Shane D13:47 Rx2 95lbPP, RD, last 3 banded, 25 DU
Gene18:08 Rx+ shoe laced came untied on last set of DU; 1 min set back
Jyl18:06 Rx+
Jeremy He26:10 Rx+
Katie Ba18:40  worked on du's... and finally got them! 4 rds ub. 65#
Cary30:00 Rx3 3rnd +pp,bd
John New10:16 Rx
Tom H11:00 Rx2 65#, rings, 25 air squats
Brooke H11:04 Rx3 35lb/box/singles
Tommy P12:17 Rx
Scott Shap10:25 Rx+ No DU breaks
John T11:43 Rx2
Bryan R16:03 Rx+ 10lb med ball
Mike G12:48 Rx3 RX weight and ring dips... 18:58 RX2
Kristy L10:06 Rx3
Johnny34:03 Rx3 rx2 push p, rnd 4&5 50 su
Alexis14:05 Rx3 65# PP, singles, box dips
Randall B22:57 Rx+
Alex Ga8:15 Rx3 rx-elite weight w/ singles
Bobby S12:30 Rx
Maggie17:11 Rx3 65#PP 3 rnds at RX2 for DU
Oscar14:50 Rx3 Banded RD
Gabby Rob15:14 Rx2 singles
Josie14:47 Rx3 45# pp/icld pee break
Beth J13:37 Rx3 55#pp, band rd, singles
Rebekah E14:22 Rx3 push press 65 first 3 then 55
Kathy N15:27 Rx2 55#pp, 10c row, box dips
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