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JoseJan 29,2018
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Wednesday Jul 13,2016

Happy Birthday Trent
Welcome Shauna & Matthew B
Strength: Back Squats 5 x 10Girl: Amanda

Back Squats 5 x 10

Strength: Weight
Perform 5 rounds of 10 Back Squats increasing in weight each round

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Ashley P155 Rx
Erin W105 Rx
Jessica J135 Rx
Brandi95 Rx
Margaret85 Rx
Lance H225 Rx
Jeff W155 Rx
Shannon110 Rx
Jeremy He225 Rx
Brooke H85# Rx rx 2 c2b jumping/35#
Gene225 Rx
John New230 Rx
Billy230 Rx
Buster230 Rx
Alex Ga230 Rx
Bobby S135 Rx for all 5 sets
Ryan H135 Rx all 5 sets
Brice145 Rx
Beth J85# Rx
Maggie105# Rx
Jenny D55# Rx
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