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Tuesday Mar 7,2017

Happy Birthday Linda W
2017 Spring Festivus: WOD 3Complex: SP, PP, PJ

2017 Spring Festivus: WOD 3

With a 7-minute running clock
3A: Buy-in
30 Shoulder-to-Overhead
Rx: 115/75  Rx2: 75/45  
*10 Air-squat penalty every time the bar is dropped  
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3B: AMRAP in remaining time:  
3 Toes-to-Bar            Rx2: Knees-to-Chest
3 Deadlifts 205/145    Rx2: 165/115  
6 Toes-to-Bar            Rx2: Knees-to-Chest  
6 Deadlifts, 205/145   Rx2: 165/115  
9 Toes-to-Bar            Rx2: Knees-to-Chest  
9 Deadlifts, 205/145   Rx2: 165/115

*Score is total reps from Amrap

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Chris K55 Rx2 1:13 for 3A , no squats
Glen G52 Rx 1:07
Kelly S50 Rx2
Scott Shap65 Rx
Jason W92 Rx
Brittney Jo48 Rx2
Kathy K12 Rx2 125#
Willie36 Rx2 95#S2O / 185#DL
Erin W13 Rx
Eric M28 Rx2
Brooke H60 Rx2 45# press/ 115 deadlift
Shane H60 Rx2 90#
Billy62 Rx
Lauren S71 Rx
Janet54 Rx2 t2b, 115dl
Sallie59 Rx2 at perim.
Carolyn40  35# S2O, knee ups
Morgan J60 Rx2 75# s2o and 145# dl knee up
Alexis90 Rx2 45# s2o, 115# dl, knee ups
Randall B66 Rx 53 sec
Christine H49 Rx
Jyl63 Rx :54 part one
Jeremy He90 Rx S2O- 135 DL- 225
Melissa S58  1:38, rx2 dragon fly 4 knee ups
Josie90 Rx2 45 sec
Rebekah E69 Rx2
Izzy33 Rx2 55 lbs s2o, 115 deadlift
Bryan R60 Rx
Andrew L64 Rx
Mike G78 Rx
Beth J39 Rx2 s2o rx2, everything else rx
Oscar59 Rx2 3A: 75# 3B: RX
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