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Wednesday Nov 30,2016

Happy Birthday Jeff R

Team2: Row, WB, Tandem DL

2 Person Team
For Time
3 Rounds
1,000 m Row
50 Wall Ball 20/14   Rx2: 14/10
25 Tandem Deadlifts

MM: 315
MF: 225
FF: 185

MM: 225
MF: 185
FF: 135

*Divide Reps and Row However

0% 0%
1st22:21 Jyl Wed,Nov 30,2016
2nd26:14 Alexis Wed,Nov 30,2016
3rd27:05 Susan G Wed,Nov 30,2016
1st22:21 Glen G Wed,Nov 30,2016
2nd24:07 Jason W Wed,Nov 30,2016
Levi Wed,Nov 30,2016
3rd26:03 Jim L Wed,Nov 30,2016
Jim E Wed,Nov 30,2016

Abi23 Rx2 1 Person team. 65 pounds
Scott Shap25:42  w/ David Rx except 215# DL
David K25:42  w/ Scott Rx except 215# DL
Jyl22:21 Rx with Glen
Jason W24:07 Rx w/ Levi
Levi24:07 Rx w/Jason W
Glen G22:21 Rx w/Jyl
Jeff Wsolo Rx 1/2 of team workout-18:48
Wanda25:38  w/Jerry 55#dl
Jerry R25:38  w/Wanda 55#dl
Susan J24:55 Rx2 w/ Ellen(SC) #65
Ellen24:55 Rx2 w/susan, 75#DL, 10# WB
Jim L26:03 Rx w/ jim E
Jim E26:03 Rx w/jim L
Sandra O30:14 Rx w/Sue!!!
Suzanne30:14 w sandra Rx
Jamie C33:50 Rx W/Matt Verber
Lauren S24:11  10#wb 225dl w/ Cody
Alexis26:14 Rx w/ Rando
Randall B26:14 Rx W/Alexis
Josh W27:52 Rx with Katie B
Katie Ba27:52 Rx w/ josh
Billy28:24 W/Brandon Rx
Susan G27:05 Rx
Alex Ga30:38 Rx W/ Chris S.
Christopher30:38 Rx w/Alex Ga-back
Mimi25:57 Rx2 w/ Bobby
Bobby S25:57 Rx2 W/ Michele
Josie28:46 Rx2 w/kathy
Beth J27:18  w/Jakob run, squats, pp-surgery recovery
Kathy N28:46 Rx2 w/ Josie - 145#dl
Jenny D28:28 Rx2 With Cindy
Brice28:50 Rx2 First round rx deadlifts, finished 225lb w/Jeff H
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