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Thursday Mar 16,2017

Happy Birthday Brandon

9-7-5: BMU, SN

9 - 7 - 5 Reps of  
  Bar Muscle-ups
      Rx2: Jumping BMU
      Rx3: Jumping C2B
  Snatches 155/95
      Rx2: 115/75
      Rx3: 65/45

0% 0%
1st11:28 2Erin W Thu,Mar 16,2017
2nd3:24 3Makayla Thu,Mar 16,2017
3rd5:31 3Cary Thu,Mar 16,2017
1st13:34 John New Thu,Mar 16,2017
2nd7:33 2Eric M Thu,Mar 16,2017
3rd7:35 2Mike G Thu,Mar 16,2017

Chris K4:45 Rx3 95#
Julie N5:47 Rx3 75lb, jump to chest
Erin W11:28 Rx2
Mike G7:35 Rx2
Cary5:31 Rx3
Courey10:02 Rx3 Jumping MU
Jamie C6:30 Rx3
Makayla3:24 Rx3
Eric M7:33 Rx2 75# Jumping BMU
Janet7:52 Rx3 jump mu, 45# snatch
John New13:34 Rx
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