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Tuesday Feb 12,2019

Macho Man

EMOM: Rounds-Rx2+
A- Seated Wrist Stretches
    Prone Prayer Stretch
    Squat Push Aways
B- 2 Rounds
    20 Plate Ground to Overheads
    5 Kang Sqauts
C- 1 Round
     5 Hi Hang Triple Extension
     5 Hi Hang Hi Pull
     5 Hi Hang Squat Cleans
     5 Push Jerks

8:00 Build-up
Heavy Power Clean + Front Sqaut + Push Jerk

20:00 Emom
3 Power Cleans        Rx: 135/95
3 Front Squats         Rx2: 95/65
3 Push Jerks            Mstrs: 55/35
                              Elite: 155/105

*Score is total number of completed Rounds

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Chris K10 Rx2
Robert D12 Rx 115#
Lourdes10 Rx2 75lbs
Scott L10 Rx
Glen G10 Rx+ E2MOM
Sallie17 Rx2 At home
James S10 Rx2
Kelly S10 Rx2
Ellen11  35-50#
Jim E11  55lb -9 rnds, 65 lbs 2 rnds
Jim L11  mstrs
Kyle W11 Rx2 115#
Amanda L18 Rx2
Brittany Sm16 Rx2 75#
Spencer A17 Rx
Gabriel18 Rx2 115lb.
Mercedes17 Rx2
Shawn Lu20 Rx2 75#
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