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Friday Jul 29,2016

Happy Birthday Randi & Allison G & Holly C


Hero: Time-Rx3
For Time
400 m Run
15 Clean + Jerks 155/105  
             Rx2: 115/75  
             Rx3: 75/55  
400 m Run
30 Toes-to-Bars
             Rx2: Knee-ups
             Rx3: Sit-ups
400 m Run
45 Wall Ballts 20/14
             Rx2: 14/10
400 m Run
45 KB Swings 53/35
             Rx2: 35/26
             Rx3: 26/18
400 m Run
30 Ring Dips
             Rx2: Box Dips
400 m Run
15 Weighted Lunge 155/105
             Rx2: 115/75  
             Rx3: 75/55  
400 m Run

*40 min Time cap. Rx3: 200 m Runs

0% 0%
1st28:40 2Brandi Fri,Jul 29,2016
2nd33:22 2Mimi Fri,Jul 29,2016
3rd34:54 2Rebekah E Fri,Jul 29,2016
1st26:50 John Neg Fri,Jul 29,2016
2nd32:48 Jason W Fri,Jul 29,2016
3rd32:57 Glen G Fri,Jul 29,2016

Joseph R34:01 Rx2 20#WB, 53# KBS, all else RX2
Julie N36:40 Rx2 55# hang clean jerk,26#kbs,14#wb
Glen G32:57 Rx
Jyl38:08  everything rx except i did kb lunges
Erin Wtime cap Rx2 40:26 65 lb clean and jerk lunges
Brandi28:40 Rx2
Willie35:18 Rx2 115# CleanJerk/lunges
Jason W32:48 Rx
Jeff R37:29 Rx
Wanda31:14  400m rows, 25# c/j, situps, standing lunges
Jerry R27:04  masters
Jim L19:28  masters 50% of full wod
Jim E30:46  rx 3 except 65lb
Lance H36:22 Rx2
Jeff W33:00 Rx2
Katie Ba38:42  empty bar lunges
Margaret34:45 Rx3
Bryan R31:57 Rx2 rx but bar work
Mimi33:22 Rx2 The run sucked
Sallie30:52  55#c&j and lunges, 12#wb,knee ups,30#RKBS - at perimeter. neck issues :(
John Neg26:50 Rx
Daniel Ha38:51 Rx2 all RX except 115# C&J and Lunge
Billy40:00 Rx 43:24 RX time
Jessica Go36:31 Rx3 55#, knee ups, 26# kb
Beth J38:17 Rx2
Scott L33:11  135 CJ and lunges
Angela W42:42  500m row instead of run and cleans instead of lunges due to hurt knee
Maggie40:43 Rx2 75#c&j; 75#lunges
Melissa S31:27 Rx3
Rebekah E34:54 Rx2
Andrew L35:45 Rx2
Bobby S33:30 Rx2 @ 135
Buster34:59 Rx
Brice34:26 Rx2
Jamie C42:30 Rx2 Whew
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