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Thursday Nov 17,2016

Gymversary Jeff R-5


6 Rounds
5 Bench Press 155/105
        Rx2: 135/85
        Rx3: 95/65
        Elite: 225/115
10 Ring Dips  
        Rx2: Banded
        Rx3: Box Dips
        Elite: 10 lb Ball
15 KBS (American) 53/35
        Rx2: 53/35
        Rx3: 26/18
        Elite: 70/53

*2 min Rest between Rounds. Shoot for unbroken Reps

0% 0%
1st30:00 +Jyl Thu,Nov 17,2016
2nd16:49 2Margaret Thu,Nov 17,2016
3rd17:21 2Lauren S Thu,Nov 17,2016
1st17:58 +Gene Thu,Nov 17,2016
2nd19:45 +Jeremy He Thu,Nov 17,2016
3rd20:06 +Bryan R Thu,Nov 17,2016

David K33:51 Rx2 53 lb KB
Jyl30:00 Rx+
Glen G34:45 Rx+
John T23:38 Rx3 135# 1st 3 rounds, banded ring dips, 44lb kb
Gene17:58 Rx+ 3 rds w/ 20 lb medball; 3 w/ 10lb
Lauren H17:27 Rx3 45lb bench press
Willie17:00 Rx
Mike G15:52 Rx
Wes15:00 Rx2
Margaret16:49 Rx2 4 rounds of 85 pounds;2 at 65
Sandra O16:46 Rx3 25# push press, 65#bp
Sallie21:53  65#bp,banded rd,30#kb-at perim.
Jessica J17:46 Rx2 Box dips. RX weights for Bp and KBS
Scott L17:29 Rx
Kristy L19:05 Rx3 55 bench
Greg18:50 Rx Did Rx+ except for ring dips
Randall B19:40  225# BP, 70# KB, Box Dips
Bryan R20:06 Rx+
Alexis18:08 Rx3 26# KB
Dustin17:33 Rx
Lauren S17:21 Rx2 Rx weight
Kathy N19:00 Rx3 70#bp, 35kb
Josie18:31 Rx2 4 rnd @rx2 2 rnds 75#
Beth J19:38  55#, band rd, 35kbs
Rebekah E19:50 Rx3 35 KB
Jenny D20:08 Rx3 55#, box dips, 18#kbs
Oscar20:58 Rx3 95# BP, banded RD, 35# KBS
Jeremy He19:45 Rx+ 20 lb medball
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