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Tuesday Apr 19,2016

Happy Birthday Kevin
Welcome Brian H & Dylan

Amrap: Row, KBS, RC

15/12 Calorie Row
12 Kettlebell Swings 53/35  Rx: 35/26
1 Rope Climb                      Rx2: 3 Rope K2E

0% 0%
1st145 Jyl Tue,Apr 19,2016
2nd135 Katie Ba Tue,Apr 19,2016
3rd125 Beth J Tue,Apr 19,2016
1st196 Glen G Tue,Apr 19,2016
2nd181 are ex Bryan R Tue,Apr 19,2016
3rd178 John New Tue,Apr 19,2016

Daniel Ha140 Rx
Chris B144 Rx2 1 rc
Jamie P180 Rx2 K2E from bar
Randall B210 Rx2 Rope K2E, 53# KB
Scott Shap160 Rx Sub 8 chin up for KBS #back
Glen G196 Rx
Jyl145 Rx 44#kb
Bill M174  15 cal row, 12 russian kbs 44#, robe climb mod
Brian H126 Rx2 2 of the 4 rope climbs were knee to elbow
Lance H159 Rx
Jim E100 Rx2
Bryan R181 are ex Rx
Kathy K130 Rx2 weighed rope pulls
Sallie202  subbed run for row,35#kb, bar K2E - at perimeter
Tommy P139 Rx
Katie Ba135 Rx
Jessica Go157 Rx2
Dylan168 Rx2 35# KB
John New178 Rx
Bobby S145 Rx
Alex Ga147 Rx
Suzanne137 Rx2
Christopher123  no rope. all other is Rx
Josie150 Rx2 knee up
Kathy N137 Rx2 35# kb, weighted rope pulls
Jeffrey140  k2e
Beth J125 Rx
Levi153 Rx
Jamie C145  Rope pulls
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