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JoseJan 29,2018
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Tuesday Oct 27,2015


12 Minute AMRAP of:

25 Front Squats 95/65          Rx2: 65/45
100 Single Unders

25 Front Squats 135/95        Rx2: 95/65
50 Double Unders

25 Front Squats 185/135  Rx2: 135/95
25 Triple Unders

If you complete all reps under the 12 minutes time cap, re-start the WOD from the beginning. Score is total number of Reps

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TodayAll Time

Jyl217 Rx 6 min to do 135 squats
Angela W225 Rx
Bill M213 Rx2
Ingrid210 Rx2 65/95/115
Brittany W200 Rx2 working on doubles
Randall B200 Rx2
Alexis200 Rx2 Started w/ 55#, next round 65#, still working on DU
Christine H201 Rx
Brittany Su205 Rx
Jamie S209 Rx
Glen G205 Rx
Willie207 Rx2 85#/105#/135# FS
Aleyda203  Wight 45, 55, 55 DU attempts
Bryan R212 Rx2
Levi210 Rx2 #75, #95, #135 for 10
John Neg231 Rx
Janet204 Rx2 65#, 70#
Scott Shap219 Rx
Linda W217 Rx2 RX attempt, but last 17FS ...15@125#
Terry250  hurt knee, 65#FS, Singles - 50 each round
Josie165 Rx2 45 fs/65 fs w15 successful du/attmp
Jeff R235 Rx
Amanda Sta310 Rx2 55,65,70 FS; singles
Kathy N200  45 & 65 working on du
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