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Monday May 16,2016

Run, BOB, FS

5 Rounds For Time
400 m Run
15 Burpees Over Bar
10 Front Squats Rx: 155/105
                        Rx2: 115/75
                        Rx3:  75/45

*Rx3 is 3 Rounds

0% 0%
1st24:46 Jyl Mon,May 16,2016
2nd29:19 Angela W Mon,May 16,2016
3rd40:41 Blake M Mon,May 16,2016
1st21:16 Ryan H Mon,May 16,2016
2nd24:44 Todd Mon,May 16,2016
3rd24:45 Glen G Mon,May 16,2016

Joseph R22:28 Rx2
Jyl24:46 Rx
Glen G24:45 Rx
Blake M40:41 Rx Embraced the SUCK! Kicked my A**!!!!!!!!
Brandi24:10 Rx3 55lbs
Ashley P31:51 Rx2
Jamie P32:05 Rx2
Jim E31:30  55lb front sq.
Jeff W36:12 Rx2 fighting a cold for over week now....
Ellen31:36  45 then 35# from rack 5 rounds
Jason W25:44 Rx
Willie33:50 Rx2
Shadia32:24 Rx2 this was bad ass
Mike G34:14 Rx not sure what happenned
Bill M29:15  95
Bryan R26:04  95lb overhead squats
Sallie23:19  75#.Only had time for 4 rounds due to work. Darn work ;) - at perimeter
Angela W29:19 Rx
Katie Ba34:30 Rx2
Scott Shap22:46 Rx2 135#
Ryan H21:16 Rx
Todd24:44 Rx
Shane H27:45 Rx2 75# on squats
Christopher21:37 Rx2 3rds-listening to body
Josie24:25 Rx2 3 rounds sob
Terry29:36 Rx2 75#, 5rnds
Tracy R29:02 Rx3 65# front squat
Rebekah E30:15 Rx3
Oscar25:55 Rx3 5 rounds. FS 45lbs.
Gabby Rob26:15 Rx3 5 rounds. FS 45lbs.
Jeffrey31:54 Rx3
Kathy N30:45 Rx3 plus 49 bday burpees!!!
Jamie C34:16 Rx2
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