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Tuesday Sep 6,2016

Run, Row, SP, DU's

800 m Run
50 Unbroken Strict Presses  
1000 m Row
Rx: 115/75    Rx2: 75/55   Mstrs:55/35

*Perform 30 DU's every break in SP reps. Rx2: 90 Singles

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Jeff R22:54 Rx
Jyl21:50 Rx2 Rx du
Glen G24:29 Rx
Shane D18:43 Rx2 180 DU
Brian H19:05 Rx2
Lance H15:36 Rx2
Ellen20:39 Rx3
Jim L17:43  35# sp. 500 mtr row 400m run
Margaret21:46 Rx3 45 lbs
Shadia21:06 Rx3
Willie24:25 Rx2 95#SP
Mike G24:23 Rx2 115#
Sallie24:40  45#,sub run for row,210 DU's - at perim.
Bryan R21:36 Rx
Wes16:12  RX2 (75) 15-10-8-7-6-4....500 m (14:00) 1000 m (16:12)
Tom H13:22 Rx2
Marissa19:11 Rx3
Tommy P20:02 Rx2
Jason W17:26 Rx2 rx wt,singles
Billy19:09 Rx
Jessica Go22:39  45#
Frank N18:22 Rx2 95 LBS
Ryan H17:27 Rx 95 lb Strict Press
Scott L22:11 Rx 95 lb Strict Press
Melissa S18:32 Rx3 #45
Beth J18:10 Rx3 35#
Fabian18:10 Rx2 75
Dustin19:00 Rx
Rebekah E23:14 Rx3 45#
Christopher17:57 Rx2 should have done 95lbs
Terry20:51 Rx2
Maggie T24:27 Rx3 45#
Josie26:44 Rx3 45# sp
Scott Shap24:50 Rx2 95# strict press
Jenny D24:14 Rx3 25 SP @35# and 25 SP @15#
Cindy T19:19 45# SP Rx3 Rowing, Russian Twists instead of singles
Brice20:42 Rx2
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