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Friday May 13,2016

RC, PC, Sit-ups

10 rounds for time:
  2 Rope Climbs
              Rx2: Body Pulls
  7  Power Cleans
              Rx: 135/95
              Rx2: 95/65
              Rx3: 65/45
  12 Abmat Sit ups  
Time cap: 20 minutes
*add 1 sec for every unfinished rep
**1 round = 31 reps

0% 0%
1st20:33 Angela W Fri,May 13,2016
2nd20:59 Linda W Fri,May 13,2016
3rd21:20 Jyl Fri,May 13,2016
1st20:26 Glen G Fri,May 13,2016
2nd21:03 Mike G Fri,May 13,2016
3rd21:24 Billy Fri,May 13,2016
Willie Fri,May 13,2016

Joseph R20:21 Rx2 9 rnds in 20 mins, 10 rnds in 22:20
Jyl21:20 Rx 7rds 1 rc in 20min finish 30 min
Glen G20:26 Rx Finished in 24:10
Ashley P18:55 Rx2
Melissa S18:43 Rx2
Mike G21:03 Rx
Lance H16:44 Rx2 body pulls 135#
Jim L15:35  Rx3
Susan J18:20  Rx3 35# cleans
Jim E16:55  10 push ups, dead lifts-105lbs, shoulder deficiency
Jeff W20:18 Rx2 2 rounds rope climbs
Shadia19:38 Rx2 Body Pulls
Silver-Leigh21:24 Rx2 55# cleans
Willie21:24 Rx 6 Rounds
Angela W20:33 Rx
Lauren S21:42 Rx2 95# cleans; started w/ rope climbs (got 5) then switched to body pulls bc i almost died
Linda W20:59 Rx 10 round in 26:14
Billy21:24 Rx
Christopher20:31 Rx2 knee ups
Blake M20:00 Rx2 2 uncomfortable rope climbs then All other rounds 6 knees to elbows, RX weight and SU
Brandon21:24 Rx2 135 lb pc
Suzanne21:18 Rx2 7full rds+2rc/4cleans at 65#
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