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Tuesday Aug 7,2018

Happy Birthday Jim L
Gymversary Brian B-1
Welcome Amanda L
Tactical NicoleFT: 50 Ring Dips

Tactical Nicole

20:00 Amrap

In Weighted Vest 20/14  
  400 m Run  
  Max Rep Pull-ups    
    Rx2: Pull-ups on Vest
    Rx3: Strict Ring Rows  

*Score = Pull-ups  

*No Butterfly Pull-ups

(note total of pull-ups each round in comment section)

0% 0%
1st57 Jyl Tue,Aug 7,2018
2nd24 Erin W Tue,Aug 7,2018
3rd50 2Lourdes Tue,Aug 7,2018
1st86 Scott Shap Tue,Aug 7,2018
2nd78 Glen G Tue,Aug 7,2018
3rd40 Andrew S Tue,Aug 7,2018

Chris K46 Rx3 banded pullups
Lourdes50 Rx2 banded pu
Scott Shap86 Rx 15/15/15/13/13/15
Holly C17 Rx2 strict pull ups 3/3/3/2/3/3
Jyl57 Rx
Glen G78 Rx
Jeff W89 Rx3 strict ring rows (shoulder issues)
Jim E143 Rx3 132 ringn rows, 11 pull ups
Jim L40 Rx2 75+1 unbrok burpees + wod
Bryan R35 Rx
Erin W24 Rx 6/6/5/7 first WOD with vest!!!
Andrew S40 Rx
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