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Tuesday Dec 15,2015

Complex: 3x Ext. CL, JK50 Ring Dips

Complex: 3x Ext. CL, JK

5 Rounds
2 DL to Triple Extension
1 Clean
1 Split Jerk

Perform each complex without letting go of the bar.
Rest between Rounds

0% 0%
1st155 Angela W Tue,Dec 15,2015
2nd145 Linda W Tue,Dec 15,2015
3rd135 Jyl Tue,Dec 15,2015
1st245 Jeremy He Tue,Dec 15,2015
2nd225 Jeff R Tue,Dec 15,2015
3rd215 Randall B Tue,Dec 15,2015

Angela W155 Rx Barely missed lock out on split jerk on 165. Didn't push head through
Amanda Sta95 Rx
Scott Shap185 Rx failed 215# clean
Brittany Su125 Rx
Roland100# Rx
Randall B215 Rx
Alexis110 Rx
Levi135 Rx
Joseph R165 Rx
Jyl135 Rx
Ingrid110 Rx
Mike G185 Rx
John Neg185 Rx stopped due to stiff neck @ round 3
Bill M175 Rx
Melissa S95 Rx
Jeremy He245 Rx
Lauren S85 Rx
Jessica J130 Rx
Alex Ga185 Rx
Linda W145 Rx 155 (push jerk)
Terry105 Rx
Josie75# Rx
Brittany W115 Rx push jerks
Kathy N90# Rx
Jeff R225 Rx
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