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Monday Aug 10,2015

Happy Birthday kristin s & Lauren A

CrossFit Tabata

Tabata: Reps-Rx2
4 Exercises
8 Rounds Each Exercise
20 sec Amrap each Round
10 sec rest between Rounds

Body Weight Squats       Rx2: Box Squats
Flash Push-ups             Rx2: Knees
Abmat Sit-ups              Rx2: Crunches
Pull-ups                       Rx2: 43' Ring Rows

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Paul Br226 Rx2
Melissa S331 Rx2 65 rr, 110 as, 71 fpu, 85 su
Shadia303 Rx2 ring rows
Stephanie C262 Rx2
Joseph R260 Rx2
Dennis326 Rx
Jessica J248 Rx2 ring rows
Levi204 Rx
Randall B263 Rx
Jyl334 Rx
Brittany W273 Rx
Bill M294 Rx
Scott Shap328 Rx
Mike G352 Rx
Ingrid349 Rx
Jeff R327 Rx
Jim L323 Rx2 masters
Lance H324 Rx masters
Pat202 Rx2 masters
Jeff W216 Rx
Ellen261 Rx2 masters
Susan J263 Rx2 masters
Jim E353 Rx2 masters
Jonell223 Rx2 masters
Jerry R238 Rx2 masters
Stan262 Rx2 masters
Jessica Go235 Rx2
Jamie S217 Rx
Mimi256 Rx2
Bryan R286 Rx
Sallie283 Rx2 assisted strict pull-ups - at perimeter
Tracy R264 Rx
Marissa269 Rx
Tommy P272 Rx
Willie273 Rx
Daniel Ha278 Rx
Buster313 Rx
Jamie C332 Rx
John T299 Rx
Alex Ga318 Rx
Sharon G201 Rx2 Sick in the middle so I missed a couple of rounds, but I came back and finished!
Ashley P300 Rx
John Neg442 Rx
Damian272 Rx
Jeffrey227 Rx2
Lacey250 Rx2
Josie231 Rx
Beth J269 Rx
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