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JoseJan 29,2018
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Tuesday Feb 17,2015

2015 Winter Fest Team Wod (prep)

Teams of 2. One person working at a time, split however.

60 Push Press      Rx: 95/65  
50 Front Squats   Rx2: 65/45
40 Hang cleans
30 Thrusters
20 Burpess
*Score is total time to complete the above.

5K row (partitioned between partners however)

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1st7:47 Linda W Tue,Feb 17,2015
2nd9:58 Tracy R Tue,Feb 17,2015
3rd10:15 Christine H Tue,Feb 17,2015
1st7:55 John New Tue,Feb 17,2015
Buster Tue,Feb 17,2015
2nd8:50 Bryan R Tue,Feb 17,2015
Michael Ho Tue,Feb 17,2015
3rd9:00 Mike G Tue,Feb 17,2015
Jamie S Tue,Feb 17,2015

Janet9:58 Rx2 55# with Tracy
Tracy R9:58 Rx with Janet
Bryan R8:50 Rx with michael
Jamie S9:00 Rx w/Mike G.
Michael Ho8:50 Rx w/Bryan R.
Melissa S8:03 Rx2 23.12 5k rw w/tammie
John New7:55 Rx 21:43 5k Row with Busta
Buster7:55 Rx 21:43 5k Row w/JFN
Tammie8:03 Rx2 23:12 5K Row wMelissa
Linda W7:47 Rx 75#barbell ...w/Brittany
Bobby S10:15 Rx w/john T
Christine H10:15 Rx with me
Christopher13:32 Rx2 by myself 75lbs
Terry10:55 Rx2 65# w jeffrey
Jeffrey10:55 Rx2 65# w Terry
Kathy N11:44 Rx2 With Beth - total with row 41:45
Mike G9:00 Rx w/Jamie S. - row - 21:24 5K
Beth J11:44 Rx2 W/Kathy
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