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Friday Aug 7,2015

Happy Birthday Jim L
Welcome Joseph R
Strict Press 3 x 10'Surfer On Acid'

Strict Press 3 x 10

3 Rounds of 10 Rep
Increase in weight each Round

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1st17:03 Aleyda Fri,Aug 7,2015
2nd60 Melissa S Fri,Aug 7,2015
Christine H Fri,Aug 7,2015
Tracy R Fri,Aug 7,2015
Ingrid Fri,Aug 7,2015
3rd55 Brittany W Fri,Aug 7,2015
Amanda Sta Fri,Aug 7,2015
Alexis Fri,Aug 7,2015
Lacey Fri,Aug 7,2015
1st19:50 Jerry R Fri,Aug 7,2015
2nd155 Jamie S Fri,Aug 7,2015
3rd125 Glen G Fri,Aug 7,2015

Melissa S60 Rx
Christine H60 Rx
Levi75# Rx
Randall B115# Rx 6 reps w/125#
Glen G125 Rx Rd 3 4x4x2
Alexis55# Rx
Amanda Sta#55 Rx
Bill M95 Rx
Mike G115 Rx 125 round 4 for 9.5 :)
Ingrid60# Rx
Scott Shap95 Rx All she wrote for this guy
Lance H115 Rx
Susan J45 Rx
Jerry R19:50 Rx masters
Beth Ldid great work today! Rx masters ..row; squat to box step ups
Jamie S155 Rx
Brittany W55 Rx
Aleyda17:03 Rx
Katie Ba45 Rx
Janet50 Rx
Stan75 Rx
Tracy R60# Rx
Marissa50 Rx
Lacey55 Rx
Jeffrey120 max Rx
Bryan R115 Rx 7 reps at 135
Jeff R115 Rx
Damian65 Rx
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